How Every Zodiac Sign Will Feel the Intensity of the Jan. 2 New Moon in Capricorn

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Rather than hurdling full speed ahead out of 2021, ready to grab the new year by its horns, I suspect we’re all approaching the transition to 2022 much differently, like the way you tiptoe out of a random hookup’s apartment without waking them up so you don’t have to admit you can’t remember their name. Fortunately, your 2022 horoscope looks significantly less messy overall – granted, the start of the year is a bit intense. The first major astrological event of 2022 is a new moon in Capricorn, occurring on Jan. 2 at 1:33 p.m. ET, bringing a refreshing, powerful energy to the start of the year that’ll inspire you to press reset on various areas of your life.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to start a million new projects and tackle all your New Year’s resolutions in a day, despite the fact that doing so is quintessentially Capricorn. Firstly, that’s unrealistic, and secondly, there are some other planetary transits at play during the beginning of 2022 that are important to consider. On Dec. 19, 2021, Venus retrograde conjunct Pluto began in Capricorn and continues until Jan. 29, 2022. Governing themes of love, money, and pleasure, Venus is a significant planet in your chart, and during its retrograde period, you may find these areas of your life slowing down, with certain themes from your past coming back around for you to reflect on so you can better move forward untethered. Retrograde periods of any planet tend to make life a little more difficult, so it’s not always the best idea to dive into anything new head-first, even during an exciting new moon like this one. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t use the January 2022 new moon to start thinking through some of your larger goals for the year ahead.

What Do New Moons Mean in Astrology?

You and the moon are closer than you think. In astrology, the moon is said to govern your innermost feelings and your emotional self. (This is why may feel like you relate to your moon sign a bit more than your sun sign sometimes.) While new moons aren’t visually exciting – the moon isn’t actually illuminated – they do come with some astrological excitement. New moons are associated with new beginnings in astrology, signaling a period for new growth, manifestations, and setting intentions you’d like to come to fruition over the course of the moon’s cycle. It’s a time to reflect on where you want to go and plant the seeds that will help you get there.

What’s the Spiritual Meaning of the Jan. 2 New Moon in Capricorn?

Because the Jan. 2 new moon occurs in Capricorn, you’ll likely feel this zodiac sign’s influence, depending on the house in your birth chart that the new moon occurs in. Ruled by structure- and discipline-hungry Saturn, Capricorn is a notoriously hard-working sign, leaning in heavily to rules, persistence, practicality, and goal-setting. A Capricorn understands the importance of setting high standards, the harsh reality of living up to them, and the sheer satisfaction that comes with achieving what you’ve worked for tirelessly. Knowing this, the spiritual meaning of new moon in Capricorn is one of renewed ambition. You’re feeling ready and willing to survey your biggest goals, lay out the tools you need to tackle them, and forge ahead strategically.

Fortunately, this new moon forms a trine with Uranus in Taurus, infusing this period with positive, freeing energy that encourages you to flip your old methods for success upside down. Big results require big moves, and with Uranus’ rebellious energy, you’ll likely realise that it’s when you try new, unexpected things that you experience the most satisfying breakthroughs. That said, your journey toward your goals is never all rainbows and butterflies, and this new moon is a reminder of that. Aside from Venus retrograde in Capricorn, the energy from a difficult square formed by Saturn and Uranus on Dec. 24 is still lingering over the Jan. 2 new moon, creating a bit of push-and-pull when it comes to staying focused and breaking the mold. If you feel some restrictive energy surrounding the new moon, cut yourself some slack. This is temporary, and you have all the tools – new and steadfast – to get what you want.

How Will the New Moon in Capricorn Affect My Zodiac Sign?

Aries (March 21-April 19)

Occurring in your 10th house of career and ambition, the January 2022 new moon in Capricorn is infusing you with a burst of energy in your professional life. In which areas of your career do you wish you were moving forward? And are you moving toward the end goal you really want in the first place? If not, consider the steps you have to take to get there – even if that means taking a step back.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Taurus, this new moon is pushing you to believe in yourself and the vastness of your biggest dreams. If you’ve been waffling over whether or not to take a major risk or to nurture a longing for a big adventure, you might find those thoughts to be even stronger during this lunar event. All in all, don’t be afraid of opportunities that’ll help you see the world from a completely different perspective.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Being vulnerable with others (or even with yourself) is rarely easy for anyone, but if you’ve been feeling particularly closed-off, now’s the time to start peeling back your many layers, Gemini. Occurring in your eighth house of mystery, intimacy, and bonding, the new moon may challenge you to look within and embrace the deepest parts of yourself – whatever they may look like – so you can allow others to do the same.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Activating your seventh house of relationships, this new moon’s forceful energy is a call to invest in your closest relationships (romantic, platonic, or professional) in ways that prioritise healthy balance and longevity between both of you. How can you rewrite the rules of this partnership so both parties feel equally satisfied? Whatever those methods look like, this new moon will invigorate you with the fire to make it happen.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)

The Jan. 2 new moon in Capricorn occurs in your responsible sixth house, Leo, putting a spotlight on things like your daily rituals, your routines, and your health. If you’ve been slugging through your days bored by monotony, or if you’re day-to-day routine is absolutely wiping you out, consider this new moon a welcome opportunity to reconsider how you can structure your days with your health and wellness in mind, so your mind and body feel energised, nurtured, and full.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

Putting others first is your M.O., Virgo, but with the new moon in your fifth house of passion, creativity, and self-expression, it’s time to think about you. What makes you feel like you’re on top of the world? What hobbies or activities bring you unadulterated joy? Use the new moon as an opportunity to nourish those areas of your life and plant the seeds that’ll allow you to engage in your most creative passions throughout the year.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

In your fourth house of home, family, and emotions, the new moon in Capricorn is an opportunity to venture inward and prioritise the people and spaces that make you feel loved. If you feel your emotions running high at this time, don’t be afraid to lean on the ones who comfort you most. In fact, you may find the new moon calls you to invest in your comforts – spending more time at home with family or revamping your space – even more than you normally do.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

Scorpio, answer honestly: have you done a good job of communicating your thoughts, wants, or emotions to others? If not, use this Jan. 2 new moon as a reset, and consider how you can better speak your mind clearly, honestly, and confidently. You might also feel this new moon infusing you with new ideas that you can’t wait to put into action. Allow those ideas to fill you up, but make sure you use this mental stamina to think them through.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

Secure your bag, Sagittarius – it’s what this new moon would want for you. After a long 2021, it’s time for you to have a financial reset for 2022, which sounds a lot scarier than it is. In reality, you’ll likely feel the drive at the start of 2022 to take a long, hard look at your spending and map out a plan to ensure you can achieve your financial goals. And with Capricorn’s ambitious, pragmatic energy in the mix, you can absolutely get there.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

The start of 2022 is all about you, Capricorn, in more ways than you think. Aside from it being your birthday, this new moon in your sign occurs in your first house of self-image and identity. Have you been prioritising you and your goals in the best ways? Does the person you present to everyone else feel like the person you are on the inside? Survey all that you’ve learned about yourself – and the parts of you you’ve left behind – over the past year, embrace that growth, and walk toward the things that make you happiest.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

Aquarius, the 12th house is deep, but you can handle it. In this house, the new moon in Capricorn activates the parts of you no one else sees: your subconscious, your dreams, and your spirituality. But that isn’t a bad thing. Rather, spend time with your innermost thoughts. If you’ve felt mired in negative thought patterns or behaviors, acknowledge what causes them and prioritise the dreams and practices that help rewrite them. Self-care is your best friend.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)

In your 11th house of community and associations, the new moon is a call to consider your connections and friendships, Pisces. Are you surrounding yourself with those who have your back? Who inspire you? This new moon may also help to expand your network, opening you up to relationships with all sorts of people who excite you – a good motivation to ensure you’re feeling this way in all of your groups.

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