This Mom's Stylish Hack For Keeping Babies Away From Christmas Trees Doesn't Cost a Thing

A Christmas tree with zero ornaments hung toward the bottom of the tree is a big baby-parent holiday vibe, for sure. One mom is sharing her solution to baby-proofing her Christmas tree, and it doesn’t involve blowing money on a holiday-themed baby gate or using yourself as the first line of defense. The selling point? It relies on materials you most likely already have.

Taking Cara Babies founder Cara Dumaplin is a former neonatal nurse, certified pediatric sleep consultant, and mother of four who shared her tried-and-true hack for keeping babies and ornaments safe in an Instagram post. Her solution is to take old cardboard boxes, fill them with books to anchor them to the ground so they don’t slide or tip, and wrap them up like a gift. Cara even offered the pro tip of using clear packing tape to keep the boxes together. The result is a free and easy baby barricade that blends in perfectly with your holiday decor.

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