These Are the Trademark Leo Personality Traits, According to an Astrologer

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Your astrological birth chart is like a cheat sheet for your strengths, weaknesses, and unique personality. If you were born between July 22 and Aug. 22 (give or take a day or two, depending on the year), that makes you a warm-hearted Leo. Chances are, you might’ve heard you’re a bold sign, brooding with confidence and a childlike sense of wonder – and maybe even a teensy bit self-centred. But who can blame you: you’re ruled by the all-powerful sun, so how can you not think everything revolves around you? As far as trademark Leo personality traits go, the zodiac’s Lions are dazzling, energetic, and generally optimistic fire signs who are always in it for a good time.

POPSUGAR spoke with Imani Quinn, professional astrologer and author of “Astrology SOS,” about all the important Leo personality traits you should know and what makes the fire sign the main character of the zodiac. Whether you’re a Lion yourself and hoping to learn more about your sun sign or simply wondering more about the key characteristics of Leos in your life, this is your crib sheet on the fifth sign of the zodiac.

Leo Traits: They’re Egotistical

Leos are often called attention seekers, and there’s a reason that’s the case: ruled by our glowing life source, the sun itself, Leos prefer to be at the epicentre of all conversations. As a result, you can often find them splurging on beauty products or obsessing over how cool they are.

“[The sun] is why Leos are so alluring and charismatic, the center of attention, and why they make great entertainers,” Quinn tells POPSUGAR. See, for example, Jennifer Lopez, who totally embodies those Leo characteristics. “Much like the sun, where the solar system rotates around its life force and energetic pull, it’s much the same with our fellow Leos.”

But their ruling planet is only part of the story behind Leo’s big ego. As a fire sign, they naturally have a direct and often one-track mind. And since Leos are also ruled by the fifth house of pleasure, they often think about how they can fulfil their own pursuit of bliss – but can often block out everything else.

Leo Traits: They’re Self-Assured

Sure, Leos can be a little self-absorbed, but there’s something to be said about their grandiose sense of self. The jovial fire sign dons the type of confidence that’s hard to ignore. They’re fixed signs, meaning they’re very reliable creatures of habit, if a little stubborn, so they don’t care too much about letting the opinions of others dim their effervescent glow. Leo takes criticism like a champ – even if it’s because they hold their own opinion higher than everyone else’s.

Leo Traits: They’re Artistic

Leo rules the fifth house in astrology, the house that governs things like creativity, pleasure, sex, and art. That’s why these feisty Lions are seen as the creatives of the zodiac. Self-expression is important for Leos, who crave attention and acknowledgment. Whether they’re painting, singing, or entertaining, they feel most like themselves when they can translate their sense of self into their art. Their fiery approach to life helps keep their artistic flame alive. “Being a fire sign reflects the passion that they have, which also shows through their creative expression,” Quinn says. “They always need an outlet to share what they are feeling, but make it art.”

Leo Traits: They’re Loyal

Just like lions are devoted to their pride, Leos are faithful to themselves, their loved ones, and the causes they care deeply about. They might be fun seeking and warm hearted, but best not to mess with Leo’s orbit – they have a tendency to bite back without a question. Their steadfast nature can be attributed to being a fixed sign, so while they can be a bit narcissistic at times, you can always count on a Leo to be there for you. As Quinn puts it: “As much as they want to show off their mane, they also want to show off their loved ones with great acts of bravery.”

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