Ready to Feed Your Baby Solids? These 17 Foods Are the Perfect Place to Start

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Your baby is sitting upright without support, showing interest in food, and holding their head up by themself. In other words, your baby is showing signs that they may be ready to eat solid food! While this important milestone is often accompanied by a lot of excitement, it can also come with some confusion and hesitation. Which foods are OK to feed your baby? Which foods do you need to avoid? Will your baby choke? Will you trigger an allergy?

Take a deep breath, parents. As a registered dietician, I rounded up 17 safe foods that are great first-food options for babies. Keep in mind that these foods are to be used to complement breast milk or formula, not replace it. Often, first foods are modified to a puree texture and fed to baby on a spoon, but some families choose to follow baby-led weaning principles where babies feed themselves more solid foods (think a slice of an avocado that the baby can hold by themself). Babies should be introduced to solid foods no earlier than 4 months of age, while some experts suggest waiting until baby is 6 months old. Ultimately, it depends on your individual baby’s development and your healthcare provider’s professional opinion.

So, what can you feed your baby? Here are 17 foods that are excellent first-food options for your little one’s dining pleasure. Bon appétit!

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