Change Is Coming: A Super Full Blood Moon Eclipse Is Happening Tonight

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In April, we were greeted with a pink supermoon, which brought with it intense full moon energy, and in May, we’ll experience a super full-blood moon eclipse — now that’s a mouthful! These total lunar eclipses are often called ‘blood moons’ thanks to the red-orange glow the moon takes on during the eclipse.

This exciting event is taking place tonight, May 26 and will be visible in Australia. In fact, according to Time and Date, Aussies will be able to see the full moon eclipsed for about 14 minutes during this total lunar eclipse, should the weather be permitting. To catch sight of the moon, make sure you’re outside at 9:10pm AEST as this is when the eclipse begins. If the weather isn’t playing ball, you can watch it online instead.

Lunar eclipses herald change that is often unpredictable and can mark a conclusion or turning point in your life. For others, something small that has been brewing in the background could spark into something much bigger. Be prepared for surprises, shocks and revelations coming to the surface around this event.

As author, podcaster, and lunar lover, Jordanna Levin wrote on Instagram, “this moon is brought to you by the letter ‘E’: Eclipse, Evolution, Expansion. Let it be said that a super moon, a blood moon and an eclipse are all rare occurrences. So that in itself is a sign of the energy that is abound! It’s magical, it’s worth harnessing, but it’s also somewhat out of your control… Which means this in your opportunity to drop the resistance and instead surrender to the truth.”

And, as the eclipse is taking place in the sign of Sagittarius, lean into the optimistic and spontaneous energy that will be swirling around. This is a great time to ask yourself a few hard questions and course correct in your life if needed.

WellBeing recommends posing some of the following questions: “If the Sagittarius area of your life had an attic, what would you find in there? You could uncover a forgotten thread of meaning that realigns you to your purpose. What are the stories you tell yourself about this part of your life? What parts of that are holding you back?”

While answering these questions might feel hard, ultimately it’s a necessary task, especially with the energy of this time. If you need some advice about your answers, WellBeing recommends talking it through with a trusted mentor. “It could be emotionally tense and overwhelming, but with the ruler of this eclipse, Jupiter, well-placed in its own sign Pisces, faith in the process promises its own reward.”

“Imagine the possibilities when you clear out what no longer nourishes your beliefs or supports you on your journey. Cast it out with the tide and gifts, like divine amrita, may wash up on your shores.”

If something has been niggling at you — be it your job or relationship, this could be the time to make some changes in these areas. Mercury retrograde is also kicking off on May 29, so now is the time to get clear on what you want.

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