Styling Your Dressing Table Like This Will Bring About a Sense of Calm


Dressing table, makeup desk, vanity — whatever you call it, it’s a place where you store some, or all, of your beauty and pampering essentials and where you do your hair and makeup for the day or take it off before you go to bed. And because of that, the table plays a big role in our day.

“The routines and rituals centred around self-care often take place in the bedroom at a dressing table,” says Amy Hare, interior designer at IKEA.

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“A dressing table can take many forms, but in all instances, you want it to be both functional and beautiful, a place to relax and take pleasure in familiar activities.”

So, how do we go about styling it? Ahead, some tips.

Ensure Your Dressing Table Has These 3 Elements

When setting up your dressing table, look to incorporate these three elements:

A mirror

A mirror is key for applying your make-up, personal grooming or performing your self-care routine,” says Hare.

“For a permanent dressing table solution, a wall-mounted round mirror helps to soften any straight lines in the room and it gives you more workspace on the table. Or if you need more flexibility in a smaller space, you can use a table mirror built-in lights such as the KAITUM ($49) and place it where you need it.”


Good lighting

“Good lighting is an essential element to make up a dressing table, whether it’s essential natural lighting or not,” says Karen Davis and Pepa Martin, co-founders and designers at textile agency Shibori. Adds Hare: “Lights on both sides of the mirror provide even lighting and minimise shadows on the face.”

“Lighting can be wall-mounted, sit on the dressing table or it can come in the form of a table mirror with built-in lights such as the KAITUM, a great solution if you need or have a compact dressing table solution.”


Storage is essential for maintaining a feeling of tranquillity and a calm, organised state of mind, says Hare.

She suggests a dressing table with organised drawers, which will create a clutter-free surface or a trolley that has everything in easy reach and can be moved in a moment.

“Investing in some stylish storage pieces such as jewellery organisers, beauty shelving, etc will allow you to free up some space and keep all the little things out of the way,” says Davis and Martin. “Additionally, attempting to live a more minimal lifestyle with the products you keep will allow for a more organised space.”

Get Rid of Clutter

Once you have these three key elements, you’ll want to turn your attention to getting rid of clutter. “Overall, decluttering and simplifying your home allows space to do the same in your day-to-day life,” says Davis and Martin.

“It creates room to feel mentally more organised and releases unnecessary, often subconscious, stress. So, if your dressing table, possibly one of the first and last spaces you’ll be during your day is clear and clutter-free, then your mind will also be the same.”

Personalise It

And finally, to create a dressing table you’ll love using, you’ll want to work on personalising it. “Personalisation will bring your dressing table to life and create a stylish, calm space to perform your daily rituals and routines,” says Hare.

She suggests using a combination of different materials on the surface of your dressing table — glass, metal, ceramic and organic textures like wood and baskets made out of natural fibres, like these DRAGAN bamboo storage boxes (3 for $20) and FRYKEN seagrass boxes ($19).

Collections of items, like antique glass perfume bottles or your everyday skincare products, can be grouped together on a TAVELAN tray (2 for $15).

“Balance and harmony are also created through the scale of objects you have on and around your dressing table,” she says. “Taller elements, like vases or decorative objects, can be introduced toward the back of the table to work with the height of wall mirrors, table lamps and art.

Vases and pots with flowers and plants from your garden or local market add colour, as well as positively contribute to your well-being.”

Davis and Martin suggest adding any items that are monogrammed, a candle of your favourite scent, a photo of a loved one, your favourite flowers, your favourite perfume or a coffee table book. “Often these items speak to you and your personality and can make it feel like it’s truly your space.”

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