PSA: Avoid Manifesting or Charging Your Crystals During This Week’s Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

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Friday, November 19 marks both a full moon and a partial lunar eclipse, with the latter event starting at 6:18pm AEDT. You’ll be able to view this full moon meets partial lunar eclipse in most parts of Australia, so you don’t want to miss this week’s event.

While the spectacle will be visually appealing, the energy connected to the eclipse and full moon could prove to be a little intense. This is why it’s best to avoid doing any manifesting work around this time. The vibe connected to the eclipse isn’t what you want to replicate in your life going forward.

“Eclipse energy isn’t energy you want to bathe in, soak up, or retain,” astrologer Chani Nicholas explained on Twitter. “When the light of the sun or moon is obscured it’s not ‘good’. It’s revealing. Eclipses reveal our personal and collective shadow, all that we hide from, ignore, and brush under the rug.”

Manifesting during the eclipse could bring the wrong energy into your life, so best to avoid doing this week. Instead, wait for the next new moon to occur. The last new moon of the 2021 calendar year will take place on December 4 at 6:43pm AEDT, so there are only a few weeks to wait.

New moons are the best time to work on intention setting and manifesting, as it marks the new cycle of the moon and is ripe for change. New moons are all about deciding what you want and how you’re going to achieve this over the coming days, weeks, months and years. It’s a time for planning.

A full moon, on the other hand, is usually a great time for charging and cleansing crystals under the moonlight but it’s best to avoid that practice this month because of the eclipse. The position of the sun and moon during this event affects the regular function of these planets and as a result, you don’t want to use this energy to cleanse your precious stones.

Consider waiting to charge your stones under the next full moon, which will take place on December 19 at 3:35pm AEDT or use one of the other cleansing options for crystals, which includes water, burial, sage or a sound bath.

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