How Your Mars Sign Impacts Your Sex Drive and Ambition

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In astrology, your sun sign represents your identity, your moon handles your emotions, and your rising sign reflects your social self. However, when it comes to our primal instincts like aggression, libido, and ambition, your Mars sign comes into play. The sensual red planet can give you insight into your impulses and even shed light on your deep desires and sexual chemistry. Read on to learn more about how your Mars sign plays into various aspects of your life.

What Does Your Mars Sign Mean?

Your Mars sign reflects the more carnal parts of life. The rugged planet is associated with things like sex drive, action, and determination. Think of this planet as your automatic reflexes, the way you express your sexuality, and the strength of your ambition. That said, your Mars sign is manifested most clearly during conflict, in the bedroom, and in the way you go after goals.

Knowing your Mars sign can help you understand your primitive side. Depending on what zodiac sign your Mars sign is stationed in, you possess certain traits that attribute to your knee-jerk reactions and your sensuality. For instance, if your Mars sign is in bold Aries, you’re likely fierce and brazen, you won’t cower in the face of conflict, and – let’s be honest – you’re a passionate lover, too. On the other hand, if your Mars sign is in indecisive Libra, you are less likely to instigate or call someone out and probably get overwhelmed at the first sign of confrontation.

Because your Mars sign represents your instincts, you can learn a lot about your reactions to, say, someone cutting you off in traffic or how you pursue your passions. Therefore, knowing your Mars sign can help you understand your reactions and combat problematic impulses, in addition to keeping you motivated to achieve your personal goals. What’s more, since Mars rules everything sex related, astrologers use this heavenly body to determine romantic and sexual compatibility.

How Can You Find Your Mars Sign?

In order to find your Mars sign, you’ll need your birthday and birthplace. You can use a birth-chart calculator or an astrology app to calculate this area of your birth chart.

Mars is a malefic planet, which basically means it reflects the darker parts of life. However, this doesn’t necessarily make it a bad thing! Traversing in your natural, primordial side can help you appreciate your shadow side and also help you grow into a more mature and self-aware version of yourself.

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