Self-Pleasure Has Been Scientifically Proven to Ease Period Pain


Yet another reason to fly solo! Masturbation has already been found to improve your skin, relieve stress and tension, and support a healthy immune system. Not to mention the fact that self-pleasure is a feel-good, self-care moment that helps us connect with our bodies and improve our sense of sexuality.

Now, self-pleasure has been found to pose another significant benefit to those who experience periods, with a revolutionary new study finding masturbation does, indeed, relieve period pain.

The study from global sex tech brand Womanizer and Lunette concluded 90 percent of participants would recommend masturbation as a way to reduce period pain.

The six-month ‘Menstrubation Study‘ (a portmanteau for masturbation and menstruation) involved 486 participants from all around the world. The study set out to find out more about how periods affect our bodies. Research into women’s health issues — like period pain — is severely lacking but a 2017 poll conducted by YouGov found that 92% of Australian women have suffered from period pain — many to the extent it impacted their ability to work.

In addition to 90 percent of people now recommending masturbation as a means of pain management, 85 percent admitted they would keep up the new habit of self-pleasure during their period, and 70 percent reported lower pain intensity as a result of a little ‘me time’.

“We have been committed to destigmatise masturbation for years. This also includes educating about certain myths, some of which claim masturbation has a negative effect on health or the body. We have known for a long time: The opposite is the case! Masturbation has a positive effect on mental and physical wellbeing. From reduced stress levels to an increased proven, a method against period pains,” Johanna Rief, Womanizer’s head of empowerment said.

Australian sex coach Georgia Grace added: “We know that masturbation can have positive effects on health and general wellbeing. Because after the climax, the hormone dopamine is released, which activates an inner bliss. In this way other physical processes take a back seat, which in turn is similar to pain relief. At the same time, the metabolism and blood circulation are stimulated. Both counteract pain. Ultimately: When the muscles contract and release during orgasm, this has a relaxing effect.”

Furthermore, people in the study also reported decreased intensity and frequency of period pain over the course of the six-month period. That is to say, the more these participants masturbated, the less discomfort they experienced in the months that followed.

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