The Cutest Meaningful Baby Names in 2021

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What’s in a name? A lot, as it turns out.

When choosing a baby name, the history behind the name can add more meaning to it, making it extra special.

While many popular names are derived from Hebrew and Latin, with inevitably religious meanings, there are also heaps of names that come from unexpected places and have surprisingly poignant meanings.

Below, we’ve collected a list of the cutest meaningful baby names for you to peruse.

Grace: Greek — Charm, goodness and generosity.

Ada: German — Prosperous, nobility.

Adina: Hebrew — Noble, delicate.

Agatha: Greek — Good, honourable, kind.

Alessa: Italian — Protector of humanity.

Alexis: Roman — Defender, helper.

Beatrice: Latin — Blessed.

Bibi: Persian — Lady of the House.

Bodhi: Indian — Perfect wisdom.

Brigitte: Gaelic/Irish — Power, strength, virtue.

Celeste: Latin — Celestial, heavenly.

Clio: Greek — Praise or to recount.

Dale: Old English — Valley.

Delma: German — Noble protector.

Esmé: French — Beloved, loved, guardian.

Estelle: Greek — Star, well-groomed.

Fatima: Arabic — Captivating, motherly.

Finley: Scottish/Irish — Fair haired, hero, warrior.

Greta: German — A pearl.

Hazel: Hebrew — “God sees”.

Hannah: Hebrew — Favor; grace of God.

Gabriella: Hebrew — Devoted to God.

Grace: Latin — Goodness; generosity.

Isabelle: Hebrew — God is my strength; devoted to God.

Ida: German — Labor, industrious one

Jocelyn: Latin — Happy; joyful.

Jennifer: Welsh — Fair lady, blessed spirit

Kaitlyn: Greek — Pure.

Kalila: Arabic — Heap of love.

Layla: Egyptian — Dark beauty.

Martha: Latin — Lady, mistress.

Mirabelle: French — Wondrous, marvellous.

Nina: Nina was one of the ships used by Christopher Columbus on his first voyage across the Atlantic Ocean gracious. It also means “fire” in Quechua.

Odelia: Hebrew — Wealthy, prosperous, praise God.

Pandora: Greek — Gift.

Sadie: Hebrew — Princess.

Solange: French — Yearly, solemn.

Tamara: Arabic — Palm tree, date palm.

Venus: Roman — Goddess of love and beauty.

Vera: believed to be derived from either the Russian word for faith (vjera) or the Latin word for truth (vera).

Vivienne: Latin — Alive, full of life.

Willa: feminine version of William, originated from German word for “resolute protector”.

Xena: Greek — Welcoming, hospitable.

Zadie: Greek — Princess, mother of Zeus.

Zelda: German — Blessed, happy.

Zola: Italian — Earth, quiet, tranquil.

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