4 Things to Know About The Mitchells vs. The Machines Before Watching With Your Kids

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After a pushed back release date, a name change, and a switch to debut on Netflix, The Mitchells vs. The Machines is finally out, and your family is going to love it. The animated film features the voices of Abbi Jacobson, Maya Rudolph, Olivia Coleman, and Danny McBride, and has a fresh and hilarious concept that will keep your kids (and you!) laughing out loud through its 114-minute runtime. However, while the film is fun, unique, and has sweet messages about acceptance and the importance of family, there are a few notes you may want to keep in your back pocket if you’re planning to watch with younger or more sensitive kiddos.

Keep scrolling to learn more about The Mitchells vs. The Machines (light spoilers only, I promise!) before you watch with your family on Netflix.

What Parents May Want to Know About The Mitchells vs. The Machines Before Watching With Kids

  1. The robots in the film are creepy AF. When the robots take over the planet, they begin locking humans away in single-person pods (but don’t worry, the pods have free WiFi!). Their appearances aren’t anything to be afraid of, but they do induce terror, so that could be scary for younger viewers.
  2. There are tons of weapons and plenty of action-packed scenes. Once the robot apocalypse starts, there are fight scenes during which weapons and lasers are being fired off. It’s a cartoon, so the violence and many explosions don’t look super realistic, but the more intense scenes might be a lot for some. However, the comedy of it all is woven into the dialogue and characters’ actions, even when they’re being shot at by robots, so nothing is *too* serious.
  3. The Mitchell family is constantly in peril. As the only humans who have managed to escape the robots’ wrath, the Mitchells are in constant danger of being discovered, and thus, get themselves into some pretty sticky situations in which the robots attempt to stop them. As anxious as some viewers may be watching them try to escape over and over, know that they do. And when they can’t escape, as with the aforementioned violence, all of the danger is fairly fleeting and comical.
  4. There’s a frightening bit when the Mitchells are in a mall and there’s a household appliance takeover. Because the appliances have the same chips as the robots, there’s a scene with an appliance rebellion in which washing machines and microwaves go rogue. It’s pretty silly despite the violence, but there is one scary bit in which a seriously GIANT version of a nostalgic childhood toy comes alive that even I, a 31-year-old, hated. Trust, you’ll know when it’s coming.(Hint: this moment is at the end of the trailer if you’re curious. And generally, if you’re not sure if your kids will be into this movie, the trailer gives a great look at the action. If they love the trailer, they’ll definitely be fans of the film!)
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