Your December 2022 Horoscope Wants You to Play Now, Work Later


Take a deep breath, and remind yourself of all you’ve accomplished and experienced this year. It may be hard to believe, but the final month of 2022 is here. And with the sun soaring in fiery, mutable Sagittarius – the zodiac sign most associated with luck, travel, and good fortune – until Dec. 21, this is easily one of the busiest and most generous months of the year. Between celebratory festivities with family and friends, slipping away for a much-needed extended vacation, and completing end-of-the-year projects, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Luckily, the need to overextend yourself and blur boundaries will ease up once Neptune, the planet of illusion, ends its annual retrograde on Dec. 3. If you’ve been struggling with creative blockages, health distractions, and confusing situationships, Neptune’s forward movement could help you put things into perspective and make decisions that support your spiritual growth.

The month continues as witty Mercury, the planet of logic and communication, leaves spontaneous Sagittarius and ingresses into attentive and centered Capricorn on Dec. 6. This serious and conservative transit brings a sense of dependability and solidity to the collective mind. Whether you’re planning your 2023 resolutions, revamping your budget, or securing a new investment for your business, Mercury in Capricorn until Dec. 29 reinforces the need for solid and sustainable thinking. This is important because it will help you stay grounded during the thought-provoking Gemini full moon on Dec. 7; with mouthy Mars challenging the sun during the moody full moon, there’s bound to be heated disputes and drama.

To keep things settled, Venus, the planet of relationships and finances will join Mercury in Capricorn on Dec. 9. With Venus in Capricorn until Jan. 2, 2023, prioritize your long-term commitments, and let go of petty grievances and distractions. Whether you’re taking the next step with a romantic or business partner, applying for a business loan, or making your expectations clear, stick to your values. Ask yourself: how will this decision affect me in five years? Keep in mind that the sun is in glamorous Sagittarius until Dec. 21, so it doesn’t have to be all work and no play. You’ll have plenty of time to get down to business once Capricorn season officially begins.

In fact, the Capricorn new moon lighting up the sky on Dec. 23 is a lucky day to get serious about your next steps. Just remember to pace yourself and be patient with your progress. Mercury stations retrograde on Dec. 29, and this could bring some unexpected delays to your grand plans. That said, resist the urge to rush into the new year full steam ahead. Instead, use Mercury retrograde to slow down and reflect. Start the new year feeling secure and refreshed.

See exactly what the next 31 days have in store for you with your December 2022 monthly horoscope, according to your zodiac sign and rising sign. For a deeper dive into your year ahead, also read your 2022 horoscope.

Aries (March 21-April 19) Monthly Horoscope For December 2022

Get back in the flow, Aries. After a shaky November, your December horoscope is all about moving forward. With mystical Neptune rising from the shadows and ending its annual retrograde in your twelfth house of isolation and self-reflection on Dec. 3, you’ll want to give yourself grace as you ease back into action. Keep in mind that your planetary ruler, motivator Mars, is still retrograde all month, meaning your desire to get things done is lower than normal. If you’re in a lull, try gentle movements like yoga, Pilates, or a mood-boosting walk to get your creative juices flowing.

Despite the minor dullness coloring the beginning of the month, the sun soaring through fellow fire sign Sagittarius until Dec. 21 will nudge you to make the most of each moment. Highlighting your notorious ninth house of adventure, expansion, and beliefs, Sag season for you is all about exploring new horizons and diversifying your interests. In the meantime, the Gemini full moon peaking on Dec. 7 calls attention to your communication skills. Around the full moon, there may be a minor misunderstanding or issues with scheduling. If you’re traveling or planning an important meeting, leave early to avoid delays.

If you’re ready to move forward on a new business venture or career change, you should feel more confident about where to start by the time Capricorn season officially begins on Dec. 21, when the sun enters your tenth house of ambition and public reputation. Just keep in mind Mercury will also station retrograde in this sector of your chart starting Dec. 29, so pace yourself before diving in head first. Even still, with lucky Jupiter officially in your sign from Dec. 20 until May 10, 2023, the sky’s the limit. Take your time, but dream big!

Taurus (April 20-May 20) Monthly Horoscope For December 2022

Keep it simple this month, Taurus. Your December horoscope is an open invitation to connect with your hopes and dreams in ways that light you up and increase your self-confidence. For starters, the curious Sagittarius sun hanging out in your erotic eighth house of secrets and intimacy until Dec. 21 will push you to do some soul-searching and release self-limiting beliefs and fears – especially around your sexuality and romantic and professional connections.

If the current dating pool, job offers, or potential business partners don’t meet your expectations, Neptune’s direct station in your collaborative eleventh house of friendships and groups on Dec. 3 will inspire you to network again. But before you jump ship and dive into a new gig, check in with your finances around the Dec. 7 Gemini full moon. With the Gemini full moon falling in your second house of income and values, it may be time to negotiate a new deal or research passive income streams to bring in extra money.

Although increasing your net worth is at the top of your mind, make room for a much-needed adventure when your ruler, flirty Venus in Capricorn, zips into your exploration zone on Dec. 9. Whether it’s switching up your work routine, planning a romantic getaway, or investing in a new training program, Capricorn season is your annual astrological reminder to try something new. If looking for a favorable time to commit to your new normal, consider the Dec. 23 Capricorn new moon. Just be sure to start slow and work your way up once meticulous Mercury begins its final retrograde of the year on Dec. 29.

Gemini (May 21-June 20) Monthly Horoscope For December 2022

Keep your calendar flexible this month, Gemini – you’re in demand! Your December 2022 horoscope shows off your elite social skills and growing professional network, and you can thank the superior sun in Sagittarius lighting up your seventh house of partnerships and agreements for that. In fact, you may want to keep a personal planner or organizer to stay on schedule. With moody Mars still retrograde in your sign all month, you may be running on less energy than usual. Plan a solo outing around the Dec. 7 Gemini full moon. You’ll want the quiet time to rest and recharge.

Expect a change of flow once value-driven Venus joins messenger Mercury in your emotional eighth house of Capricorn on Dec. 9. Instead of running between meetings and catering to your partner’s needs, your focus will shift to your financial health and professional long-term goals. To make the most of this expansive energy, consider starting a savings challenge to manifest your 2023 intentions. You’ll have more clarity about your next steps once the business-oriented Capricorn sun joins Mercury and Venus on Dec. 21.

The month wraps with the conscientious Capricorn new moon on Dec. 23 encouraging you to step into a new season with self-discipline and accountability. Although this energy can feel overwhelming at times, stay open to the challenge. Just remember that your planetary ruler, Mercury, will be stationing retrograde in your intimacy zone from Dec. 29 to Jan. 18. If you find yourself feeling isolated or overwhelmed with gloomy thoughts, don’t hesitate to ask for support.

Cancer (June 21-July 22) Monthly Horoscope For December 2022

Your health comes first, Cancer – period. If you’re feeling worn out and mentally drained, your December horoscope wants you to observe how your daily routines and organizational skills are impacting your mood and environment. Although you would rather focus on making plans with friends and binging your favorite shows after a long day, the sun visiting your sixth house of wellness until Dec. 21 makes it the best time all year to ask yourself: What about my work schedule and job needs to change? What am I currently eating, and how does it make me feel? When was the last time I consistently moved my body?

Fortunately for you, Neptune, in fellow water sign Pisces, will end its retrograde in your passion and creativity sector on Dec. 3, helping you feel reinspired to explore new hobbies. And with messenger Mercury moving into your relationship zone on Dec. 6, a love affair or glamorous dinner with friends could only be a simple text away. Try not to overthink it. In fact, take a much-needed self-care day on Dec. 7 when the Gemini full moon shakes up your 12th house of endings and self-reflection. You may want to take a social media and screen break to heal and sort through heavy thoughts.

Don’t stay away too long, though. You’ll want to be back for the action on Dec. 9 when Venus joins Mercury in your partnership zone. Until Jan. 2, 2023, take advantage of the extra attention and affection you are receiving. If you’re usually emotionally withdrawn or detached, surprise your partner by showcasing your love and commitment. Venus in Capricorn screams grown-and-sexy vibes, so leave out the small talk and get down to business. You may be entering a new partnership or contractual agreement by the Dec. 23 Capricorn new moon. Just keep in mind that Mercury goes retrograde on Dec. 29, so make your expectations clear. Resist the urge to settle or people-please.

Leo (July 23–Aug. 22) Monthly Horoscope For December 2022

Let loose, Leo. After an emotional eclipse season, your December horoscope urges you to stop fretting over minor issues and bring the focus back to you and what you do best. With Sagittarius season igniting your inner fire, consider planning a fun holiday outing or gathering with friends. If you’re not in the mood for a crowd, treat yourself to a spontaneous vacation in a remote locale. Mercury, the planet of short-term travel, will enter your wellness zone on Dec. 6, so consider a spa day or massage if a quick getaway isn’t within reach. Regardless of what you choose, you deserve to splurge after the transformative year you’ve had!

Not only are you feeling more festive and flirty this time of year, but you’re also expressing yourself in exciting ways, and others are noticing. Look out for social invitations and offers to be in the spotlight early in the month. The chatty Gemini full moon on Dec. 7 falls in your 11th house of groups and friendships, bringing to light your expansive network. In fact, with partner-focused Venus in Capricorn moving into your coworker zone on Dec. 9, this is a great time to nurture your relationship with colleagues.

If you’re looking to implement more structure and organization in how you work and conduct business, you’ll be more likely to succeed once the sun lands in your secretarial sixth house of Capricorn on Dec. 21. Following right behind the sun, the Dec. 23 Capricorn new moon urges you to reorganize and recommit to creating more order in your life. Consider investing in a virtual assistant or life coach to help you complete your goals. You’ll be grateful for the consistency once Mercury stations retrograde on Dec. 29.

Virgo (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) Monthly Horoscope For December 2022

Take care of home, Virgo. With the Sagittarius sun nesting in your foundational fourth house of home and roots until mid-month, familial and residential matters are one of the main themes for your December horoscope. However, with Mars retrograde square Neptune on Dec. 1, there may be friction in this area of your chart at the beginning of the month. If at odds with someone or feeling conflicted about your work-life balance, take a moment to reflect on if where you are now is in support of your long-term commitments. If not, it may be time to course correct.

Luckily for you, doubtful Neptune in Pisces will finally end its annual retrograde in your relationship zone on Dec. 3. With Neptune lifting the fog on your decision-making abilities, you should feel more levelheaded, and your sense of self-assuredness will slowly return. Use the viral Gemini full moon lighting up your public-image sector on Dec. 7 to attract positive opportunities and promote yourself. Virgos who love to write and enjoy the spotlight for their artistry may find their face on the front page of an ad or podcast cover. And with your planetary ruler, messenger Mercury, directly in business-minded Capricorn from Dec. 6-29, make sure your website, business cards, and social profiles are up to date. You never know who you might meet online or in person.

Embrace the unexpected changes the first half of the month brings. You’ll appreciate the extra income and fresh perspective once Capricorn season officially begins on Dec. 21. Right after the Capricorn sun slips into your fortunate fifth house of talents, on Dec. 23, the new moon in the same sign offers a chance to invest in a passion project or preplanned vacation you’ve been waiting for. Instead of worrying about the future, use this time to live in the moment. In fact, keep your New Year plans simple this year. With Mercury retrograde starting on Dec. 29, you may not be in the mood to entertain.

Libra (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) Monthly Horoscope For December 2022

Say what’s on your mind, Libra. As a sweet, Venus-ruled air sign, you have a reputation for being a people pleaser and making sure everyone else is having a good time, but your December horoscope cautions you to speak up and put your interests first. And with the sassy Sagittarius sun splashing through your communication-centered third house until Dec. 21, the first half of the month is ideal for revamping your social media strategy, going live, and catching up on emails and paperwork. You should also see an increase in productivity and overall mental focus once Neptune ends its retrograde in your critical thinking zone on Dec. 3.

If you’re searching for the perfect time to launch a newsletter or podcast or plan a fun outing with friends, be mindful of the Dec. 7 Gemini full moon. Around this time, you’re more likely to receive positive feedback and criticism, so mute outside opinions, or you may unintentionally find yourself in a heated exchange of words. With value-driven Venus in conservative Capricorn from Dec. 9 to Jan. 2, you may be clinging to your sense of tradition and familiarity. Instead of avoiding relationships and responsibilities that require patience, use this transit to strengthen your resilience and self-discipline. Remember, magical things happen when you release control.

If you feel like you need a break from the consistent hustle and bustle, Capricorn season offers a moment of relief. With the sun resting in your emotional sanctuary sector from Dec. 21 to Jan. 20, 2023, the final days of the month are best for spending time with family and pampering yourself. During your downtime, you could find new inspiration for decorating or upgrading your home, especially around the Dec. 23 Capricorn new moon. Just make sure to keep things civil and maintain your boundaries with overbearing relatives once Mercury stations retrograde on Dec. 29. Don’t be afraid to put your phone on “do not disturb.”

Scorpio (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) Monthly Horoscope For December 2022

Prioritize your finances this month, Scorpio. With the expansive sun in Sagittarius spotlighting your second house of income and security until mid-month, your December horoscope encourages you to grow your bank account and minimize frivolous expenses. While shopping sprees bring you peace and excitement, Mars retrograde in your eighth house of debt and shared resources forces you to minimize distractions and buckle down on your long-term goals. But just because you’re being discerning doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Thankfully, on Dec. 3, whimsical Neptune will end its annual retrograde in your flirty fifth house, helping you bring your sexy back.

Whether it’s planning an exclusive getaway with your closest friends or hiring a babysitter to keep your little ones entertained while you rest, do what you need to do to get your freedom back. Take note of those who challenge your ideas and throw off your vibe around the Dec. 7 Gemini full moon. An unexpected secret may be revealed, or you may finally get the closure you’ve been asking for. Regardless, use this illuminating full moon to clear your mind and leave the overthinking behind. You’ll need the extra mental space once Mercury switches gears and moves into conscientious Capricorn on Dec. 6.

As Capricorn season kicks off on Dec. 21, your focus will turn to exploring a new sense of home and stability. You may be switching careers, relocating, or ending a long-term relationship. Whatever the case, the Capricorn new moon on Dec. 23 is an excellent day to release the past and reset with a new mindset. Some Scorpios may even be celebrating a major milestone or big announcement. Just make sure you stay flexible and open to change, as things are bound to transform once Mercury stations retrograde on Dec. 29. If uncertainty makes you uncomfortable, this is the time of year to strengthen your inner faith. Believe in yourself, and shoot your shot!

Sagittarius (Nov. 22–Dec. 21) Monthly Horoscope For December 2022

Treat yourself this month, Sagittarius. One of the luckiest months of the year for you, December – and your horoscope for the month – is empowering you to be bold and dream big. Although you’ve been actively making progress toward your goals, this isn’t your typical Sagittarius season. With motivator Mars retrograde in your relationship sector until Jan. 12, 2023, take it easy when making festive plans to celebrate yourself! Instead of planning an elaborate party, opt for a more intimate and exclusive experience with your nearest and dearest. Besides, with Venus and Mercury in your sign until Dec. 6, the beginning of the month is your time to shine. Don’t let anyone interfere with your joy. You call the shots.

Speaking of relationships, expect things to get spicy in this area of your life on Dec 7. when the Gemini full moon brings attention to any internal battles you’ve been moving through. Besides a much-needed reality check, the full moon offers some Archers an opportunity to take a romantic or business partnership to new heights, while others may finally have the courage to call it quits. Of course, being in the middle of a total life transformation can feel overwhelming, but remember it doesn’t have to be. In fact, embrace a fresh start around Dec. 20, when your planetary ruler, joyful Jupiter, enters fellow fire sign Aries.

If you’ve felt stalled or blocked on a creative project, Jupiter in Aries is the cosmic boost you need to get it done. Just keep your budget in mind when making grand plans. With the conservative Capricorn sun hanging out in your second house of income and security from Dec. 21 until Jan. 20, you need to keep your priorities and spending in check. However, don’t stress too much. You’ll have the chance to secure a new investor or income stream around the Dec. 23 new moon. You’ll want to make moves that strengthen your sense of stability and public image.

Capricorn (Dec. 22–Jan. 19) Monthly Horoscope For December 2022

You’re always first to offer help when needed, but put your needs first this month, Capricorn. With the extravagant Sagittarius sun hiding away in your 12th house of introspection and solitude until Dec. 21, your December horoscope is urging you to prioritize your self-care and emotional well-being. To keep you inspired and uplifted through your time of stillness, Neptune, the planet of spirituality and dreams, will end its retrograde in your communication sector on Dec. 3. Neptune’s direct motion puts you in contact with old friends and acquaintances. Be willing to forgive yourself and others if you’ve been extra distant lately.

As if the universe knew you needed assistance putting your feelings and thoughts into words, messenger Mercury moves into your sign on Dec. 6. Although this transit falls during the same time as the stimulating Dec. 7 Gemini full moon, use this lunation to write out your intentions for the year ahead. Putting your thoughts on paper will minimize anxiety and overthinking. In fact, the Gemini full moon is a great transit for clearing out clutter and organizing digital files. Some Goats may even decide to take a social media break or cash in PTO at work. Enjoy your days off, because you’ll be back in action on Dec. 21 when Capricorn season officially begins and the sun ingresses into your first house of self and identity.

Despite your desire to reintroduce yourself with a new makeover, mindset, or brand style, pay close attention to the areas of your life that encourage you to start fresh. With Jupiter entering your foundational fourth house of family the day before on Dec. 20, new additions and responsibilities on the home front may put a slight damper or delay in plans. Instead of splurging on a nonessential treat for yourself this year, think long term. What investment can you make right now that will benefit you in five years? If feeling unsure about what path to take, give yourself more time to research your options. Remember, Mercury will be retrograde in your sign from Dec. 29 until Jan. 18. Use this cautious transit to test things out before you fully commit to them.

Aquarius (Jan. 20–Feb. 18) Monthly Horoscope For December 2022

You’ve got an exciting month ahead of you, Aquarius. Your December monthly horoscope says it’s time to reconnect with and celebrate your community. Are you wondering why your calendar is suddenly full? Look no further than the sultry sun in Sagittarius highlighting your social 11th house of groups and friendships until Dec. 21. Although you are all good vibes for the majority of the month, keep things chill as go-getter Mars is retrograde in your third house of communication and self-learning until Jan. 12. This means that you may have more social invitations but less free time, so think twice before RSVPing yes to everything.

To add more inspiration to the pot, the Gemini full moon lights up your house of trends and social media on Dec. 7. Single Aquarians looking to mingle may hit the jackpot online. And with Mercury moving into your 12th house of illusion on Dec. 6, you’re more prone to miscommunications. Use this transit to strengthen your communication skills. For example, try listening and processing before you respond and react. Otherwise, you risk missing out on important information and opportunities.

Circle Dec. 20 on your calendar. On this date, lucky Jupiter will officially say goodbye to sleepy Pisces and move into ambitious Aries, encouraging you to focus less on finances and more on putting your unique skill set to work. Although you may feel a deep urge to push through sleepless nights and long days, it’s best to surrender to the downtime your body and intuition are demanding once Capricorn season officially begins on Dec. 21. For you, Capricorn season is your annual reminder to be still and make space for self-reflection. If you’re looking for the best date to get away for a quiet staycation or relaxing romantic retreat, plan for the Dec. 23 new moon. Just remember to stay flexible if plans change when Mercury stations retrograde on Dec. 29.

Pisces (Feb. 19–March 20) Monthly Horoscope For December 2022

It’s time to roll up your sleeves and put the work in, Pisces – no more repeating unfulfilling cycles. What major career or long-term moves are you putting into place this month? Because according to your December horoscope, Sagittarius season is spotlighting how well you’re actively manifesting and working towards achieving your goals. If you’ve been slacking off, you’ll notice it during the deceiving Dec. 1 Mercury and Neptune square. Instead of scattering your energy and stretching yourself thin, focus on accomplishing one small task at a time.

If you feel overstimulated by all the mutable energy in the air at the beginning of the month, relief comes once Mercury ingresses into consistent Capricorn on Dec. 6. With the Dec. 7 Gemini full moon highlighting your emotional fourth house, this time of the month has the potential to be extremely draining. To keep your spirits high, take a warm bath or nap. Resist the urge to push yourself and ignore your work-life balance. No matter what’s going on in your life, your physical health and emotional well-being still come first. To cool things down after the electrifying full moon, Venus will leave fiery Sagittarius and enter Capricorn from Dec. 9 until Jan. 2. Whether you need a mini staycation or a fun night out with friends, embrace the change of pace this transit brings.

By the end of the month, when Capricorn season officially begins on Dec. 21, you’ll be looking forward to the increase in social activity and creative inspiration. If searching for a good time to collaborate on a team project or plan a fun outing with friends, consider the Dec. 23 Capricorn new moon. With lucky Jupiter moving into Aries and your money zone a few days before on Dec. 21, an increase in income is the good news you need to start the new year off on solid ground. Just make sure to read the fine print and protect yourself when starting new contracts or agreements. With Mercury retrograde in your 11th house of Capricorn from Dec. 29 until Jan. 18, you may have issues with third parties. If you’re making an important decision, do your own research, and cut out the middleman for now.

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