Your September 2022 Horoscope Wants You to Embrace the Soft Life

Your September 2022 Monthly Horoscope, For Your Zodiac Sign
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Light the sage, burn the candles, and ease into your fall routine. Your September 2022 monthly horoscope is all about prioritising and protecting your peace. After a fiery Leo season, the last month of summer begins with the sun vibing in laid-back Virgo, urging you to say goodbye to the grind and say hello to a new work-life-wellness balance. To help you destress and simplify your schedule, Mercury officially stations retrograde in lawful Libra on Sept. 9, and this self-reflective transit is beneficial for reestablishing your personal boundaries in romantic relationships and professional agreements.

In fact, with the sun hanging out in value-driven Virgo until Sept. 22, use the first three weeks of the month to get clear on your current projects and aspirations. Virgo season occurring at the same time as Mercury retrograde in Libra presents you with a lucrative opportunity to renegotiate your salary, service offerings, and contracts. To dig even deeper, Venus will join the sun in Virgo on Sept. 5, empowering you to weed out self-destructive habits and create a practical plan to achieve your goals – just don’t burn yourself out trying to get everything perfect, especially around the purifying Pisces full moon on Sept. 10.

As the Pisces full moon peaks, notice what career goals, spiritual practices, foods, exercise routines, people, and music no longer light you up. Listen to your intuition if it’s telling you enough is enough. To refill your cup, schedule a relaxing foot massage or take a few days away from your screens. Mercury retrograde will slide back into Virgo on Sept. 23, where it will stay until it ends its retrograde on Oct. 2. Take things slowly this month. Focus on one thing at a time. To end the month on a lighter note, the sun will enter lighthearted Libra on Sept. 22, setting the stage for the sensual Sept. 25 Libra new moon. Use the Libra new moon to set new intentions around relationships and self-care. Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

See exactly what the next 30 days have in store for you with your September 2022 monthly horoscope, according to your zodiac sign and rising sign. For a deeper dive into your year ahead, also read your 2022 horoscope.

Aries (March 21 to April 19) Monthly Horoscope For September 2022

Are you ready for your end-of-the-summer reset, Aries? Your September 2022 horoscope calls for a change in focus and momentum. Not to mention, with the soulful sun in Virgo lighting up your sixth house of work and wellness until Sept. 22, the cosmos are encouraging you to settle down and get serious about your health and daily routines. Virgo season is the best season for you to test out a new morning flow and add more fresh fruits and vegetables to your plate. Visit your local farm stand or market if you’re in search of a change of scenery.

To keep you motivated as you transition into a more consistent regimen, Venus in Virgo will also hang out with the sun in your sixth house from Sept 5. until Sept 29., inspiring you to spend more time in nature and align with accountability partners who are on the same page. Just be on the lookout for potential relationship challenges when mouthy Mercury in Libra stations retrograde in your seventh house of partnerships and agreements on Sept. 9. Libra is your sister sign, so you may feel triggered by past lovers or unfair business practices, but it’s all part of your journey to a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

Besides, you’ll get a chance to let go of any unwanted emotional baggage and attachments during the purifying Pisces full moon on Sept. 10. Use this moon to recommit to your spiritual practice. When was the last time you meditated? When was the last time you took a solo retreat or spent some time by yourself? Then, by the time Libra season officially begins on Sept 22., you’ll be ready to approach relationships with more clarity and confidence about your needs. Who knows? You may be reviewing a new contract or embracing a new perspective on relationships by Sept 25. Libra new moon.

Taurus (April 20 to May 20) Monthly Horoscope For September 2022

Caught the creativity bug, Taurus? When was the last time you said yes to one of your innovative ideas? Your September 2022 horoscope says it’s okay to take a break from your daily duties and have some fun this month. Why the sudden influx of inspiration? Blame it on the sassy sun in Virgo prancing through your flirty fifth house of pleasure, creativity, and risk-taking until Sept. 22. Then, with Venus in fellow earth sign Virgo in your fifth house of creative freedom from Sept. 5 until Sept. 29, you’ll be feeling extra inspired to take action on your big ideas and invest in that hobby or side hustle you’ve been passionately working on.

Considering Mercury in Libra will station retrograde in your sixth house of organization and daily responsibilities on Sept. 9, you may want to write down your ideas or make a Pinterest board to capture your vision while you can. Luckily, the purifying Pisces full moon will peak in your 11th house of community on Sept. 10, putting you in touch with the right people to help you achieve your dreams. The sun in Virgo will also make a harmonious trine to Uranus retrograde in Taurus the next day (Sept. 11), which means you may be recognised for past work and achievements, especially surrounding themes of entertainment, art, sports, and self-expression. Use this transit to promote your work or services. Put your name out there.

Expect a change of pace and focus once Libra season begins on Sept. 22. Illuminating your sixth house of work and wellness, the sensual sun in Libra activates your desire for intimacy and softness. You’re learning to slow down and explore your vulnerable side without compromising your values and boundaries. Also, while the sun is in Libra, you may experience opportunities to attend exclusive industry events due to your public reputation, romantic partner, or employer. Meanwhile, the Libra new moon on Sept. 25 encourages you to indulge yourself in a luxurious spa retreat, facial, or relaxing at-home bath. Get used to the luxe lifestyle because Venus will enter lavish Libra on Sept. 29, making the end of the month the most favourable period to take some time off and refill your cup.

Gemini (May 21 to June 20) March 2022 Horoscope For September 2022

There’s a time to go all in, and there’s a time to trust and flow, Gemini. Your September 2022 horoscope wants you to follow your instincts. This is especially important during Virgo season when the sun is resting in your familial fourth house of home and emotional security until Sept. 22. If you’ve been considering making some changes to your living space or getting serious about your boundaries with family members, you’ve got the cosmos’s support. To help you beautify your sanctuary, Venus, ruler of aesthetics, joins the sun in earth sign Virgo from Sept. 5 until Sept. 29, inspiring you to spend time in nature, purchase some plant babies, or add soothing herbs to your daily regimen or cup of tea.

If you’re craving a change of scenery, Mercury will officially station retrograde in your fifth house on Sept. 9, urging you to get out and socialize with friends. Just be mindful that the Pisces full moon will light up your tenth house of career and public reputation the day after (Sept. 10) and this means that professional opportunities may create conflicts with your plans or familial responsibilities. On a lighter note, take advantage of the full moon’s positive effects on your public life and reputation. You worked hard to get where you are, and you deserve your time in the limelight. Get organized.

To end the month on a high note, the sun soars into airy Libra, activating your flirty fifth house of creativity, pleasure, and passion. And this means that instead of focusing on your emotions and mental health (bye, Virgo season), you’re feeling more empowered and self-confident in who you are as an individual, and this allows you to express yourself with more enthusiasm. Whether it’s a new romantic partner, hobby, aesthetic, or creative partnership you’re looking forward to, the Sept. 25 Libra new moon is here to remind you that you can manifest it. Be honest with yourself. What do you want?

Cancer (June 21 to July 22) Monthly Horoscope For September 2022

Step into your calling, Cancer. Your September 2022 horoscope wants you to stop overthinking. After all, with the sun in Virgo highlighting your third house of personal interests until Sept. 22 and Venus in Virgo from Sept. 5 until Sept. 29, this is a favourable month to switch things up and get curious about your current life path and passion projects. Also, because the third house rules communication and craftsmanship, perhaps it’s time you showed off your writing, crafting, and public speaking skills more consistently. Or if that’s not your jam, when was the last time you read a good book, wrote in your journal, or cooked yourself a restaurant-worthy meal?

Expect minor turbulence when Mercury in Libra stations retrograde in your fourth house of home and emotional security on Sept. 9. This two-week transit may bring tension to your household or you and your partner may be moodier than usual. However, this could also mean you’re learning how to work through emotional blockages. This Mercury retrograde transit is also beneficial for planning home renovations and upgrades – just be patient if the process is longer than usual. To intensify things, the Pisces full moon will peak in your ninth house of exploration and adventure the day after (Sept. 10). Plan yourself a getaway or spend time near water.

Prepare to go inward once the sun shifts signs and moves into Libra on Sept. 22. After a thought-provoking and sociable Virgo season, the Libra sun in your fourth house of sensitivity encourages you to slow down and rest for a few weeks. Although it may be tempting to go out and splurge around the Sept. 25 Libra new moon, listen to your intuition and give your body and relationships the space and rest they need. Remember, you can’t flourish if you are constantly forcing yourself into situations that no longer align with you. Give yourself space to grow.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) Monthly Horoscope for September 2022

Slow and steady is your motto for the next four weeks, Leo. Your September 2022 horoscope is full of opportunities to help you improve your self-esteem and surpass your goals. This is especially true when it comes to the sun in Virgo’s grand entrance into your second house of values, self-worth, and possessions until Sept. 22. Which goals or projects are you ready to move forward on? Which needs and wants are you ready to commit to?

If looking for clarity on what you should prioritise and what ambitions need to be left behind, pay attention to what answers come to you once Mercury in Libra officially stations retrograde in your third house of communication on Sept. 9. You may be surprised at what ideas come flowing out of you, especially when you get around the right people. Speaking of shifts, expect powerful transformations and endings around the Pisces full moon on Sept. 10. The full moon will encourage you to release old resentments and intimate partnerships that did not serve your higher purpose, especially situations involving rejection, betrayal, and secrecy. Let it go.

Expect good things to come your way as Libra season begins on Sept. 22. Although you may have experienced some tough lessons at the beginning of the month, the Libra new moon on Sept. 25 offers new opportunities to create aligned relationships that improve your self-confidence and have your best interest at heart. Again, avoid any inclination to run back to your past or repeat a toxic cycle, especially with an unsupportive ex or shady business partner. Keep moving forward.

Virgo (Aug. 23 to Sept. 22) March 2022 Horoscope For September 2022

You’ve got a big month ahead of you, Virgo. Are you ready for the ride? Your September 2022 horoscope wants you to bring in your birthday season with a spirit of peace and relaxation, so leave the self-doubt and stress behind. With the soulful sun in Virgo shining bright in your first house of self, personal goals, and identity until Sept. 22, take the first few weeks of the month to explore your interests and prioritize your goals. There’s no rush to make an important decision or set your birthday intentions.

The cosmos insists that you slow down this month, especially with Venus in your sign from Sept. 5 until Sept. 22. This is a favourable time to invest in your appearance. Perhaps it’s time to treat yourself to a new wardrobe or trendy spring hairstyle. On the relationship front, things could get heated around the Sept. 10 Pisces full moon. This could bring intense romance or heartbreak, so watch your words and temper. Mercury, your planetary ruler stations retrograde in Libra on the day before (Sept. 9), which means this may be a busy time for you. Keep your schedule light.

As the sun flows into Libra on Sept. 22, your focus will shift to financial matters and personal values. This balancing influence inspires you to be more calculated and resourceful, especially when forming partnerships and entering into contractual agreements. On Sept. 25, the luminous Libra new moon marks a favourable period to start saving for an important purchase. Invest in a new planner to help you track your goals.

Libra (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) Monthly Horoscope For September 2022

Take it easy this month, Libra; you’re juggling a lot. Fortunately, your September 2022 horoscope is all about prioritising rest and self-awareness, especially with the sun in Virgo retreating to your twelfth house of closure and healing until Sept. 22. After an eventful Leo season, Virgo season asks you to focus on leaving unhealthy habits and people in the past. Venus also enters Virgo on Sept. 5, and this is the perfect time to work on yourself before you pour your energy into improving your relationships with others.

Instead of focusing on what others want and need from you, ask yourself: what do I want and need for myself? It may feel odd at first, but your intuition is your most reliable resource, and with Mercury stationing retrograde in your sign on Sept. 9, it’s imperative that you learn to trust yourself wholeheartedly. Meanwhile, emotional boundaries are tested around the purifying Pisces full moon on Sept. 10. Perhaps it’s time that you stop allowing others to dictate your mood and well-being. To help you soothe your nervous system and decompress, commit to a yoga and meditation practice.

Luckily, the energy will shift in your favour as the sun officially flirts its way into Libra on Sept. 22, marking the beginning of your birthday season. To help you celebrate all that you’ve accomplished and the new chapters you are starting, the Sept. 25 Libra new moon brings opportunities to showcase your talents and authentic beauty. Don’t shy away from the spotlight, Libra. You were born for this!

Scorpio (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) Monthly Horoscope For September 2022

You can’t hide from your destiny, Scorpio, so you might as well own it. Your September 2022 horoscope wants you to zero in on your electric soul power and superior problem-solving skills. Let the world see how magnetic and irresistible you are. Besides, with the sun in victorious Virgo uplifting your eleventh house of community and leadership until Sept. 22, there’s never been a better time to expand your talents and level up.

In fact, with Venus, the planet of relationships also in Virgo from Sept. 5 until Sept. 29, an unexpected collaboration or creative partnership may show up at your doorstep. Nevertheless, you are the star of your team at work and in your friend groups. Take advantage of the extra attention you get, especially around the Sept. 10 Pisces full moon.

If others are jealous of your light, don’t pay them any attention. Messy Mercury in Libra will station retrograde the day before the Pisces full moon (Sept. 9) in your twelfth house of ending and solitude, and this may bring back old feelings of rejection and abandonment. But remember: the mind is a powerful thing, Scorpio. Take advantage of the emotional and mental healing that Libra season brings. If looking for the best time to say goodbye to the past for good, the Libra new moon on Sept. 25 is your chance.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) Monthly Horoscope For September 2022

Get in your bag, Sag. Your September 2022 horoscope says it’s time to stop shortchanging yourself and your goals and collect your coins. If you need a reality check to get you going, look no further than the sassy sun in vigilant Virgo lighting up your tenth house of career and public reputation until Sept 22. Ready for a new job, ready to launch a new business offering, or just ready to feel more secure in your future plans? Take advantage of this grounding transit. This is the best time all year to chip away at any tedious projects that have been weighing you down.

Meanwhile, you may need to review your current social media strategy or research technical equipment and software that can help you simplify your work and daily lifestyle, as Mercury in Libra will officially station retrograde in your eleventh house of groups and platforms on Sept. 9. But before you freak out, there’s no need to do anything radical right now. In fact, the Pisces full moon peaking on Sept. 10 reminds you that the best way to speed up is to slow down, so be gentle with yourself.

As the month comes to a close, you’ll feel more inspired to share all the work you’ve been doing to build your future behind the scenes, especially once the sun moves into lighthearted Libra on Sept. 22. A partnership or idea that has been brewing may gain traction, bringing you the funding and support you need. Just remember to say thank you for all the good things coming your way. You deserve it!

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Monthly Horoscope For September 2022

Spread your wings, Capricorn. Your September 2022 horoscope is an invitation to romanticise your life with adventure and excitement, even if that means turning your backyard into a hidden paradise or garden oasis. Happiness begins and ends in your mind. Why the sudden inspiration to travel or invite more leisure into your life? Look no further than the vigilant Virgo sun in your ninth house of freedom and higher consciousness until Sept. 22, reminding you that you don’t have to do a lot to have more.

And even if you are ready to take things to the next level, professionally or personally, relationship-oriented Venus in go-with-the-flow Virgo provides you with the confidence and intellectual prowess to attract what you want. Just don’t be in such a hurry to push things along, as meticulous Mercury in Libra will station retrograde in your tenth house of career and public image on Sept. 9, so you may be going through a transition right now. Give yourself the space you need to reflect and figure out exactly what you want.

If looking for clarity or confirmation, keep your eyes and ears open for good news around Sept. 10 when the Pisces full moon lights up your third house of communication and short-term travel. This may also be the best time for a short getaway or weekend staycation. Nevertheless, the end of the month ends with a bang as the Libra sun settles into your sector of wealth and long-term goals. Are you and a partner ready to take your relationship to the next level, or is it time for you to negotiate your next raise? If so, shoot your shot at the Sept. 25 Libra new moon, Capricorn. Nobody else can make this happen but you!

Aquarius (Jan. 20 to Feb. 18) Monthly Horoscope For September 2022

Take a chill pill, Aquarius. Your September 2022 horoscope is all about self-transformation and rebirth, especially with the Virgo sun hiding away in your eighth house of secrets and shared resources until Sept. 22. Because this transit brings up some intense sensations, you may be feeling more self-critical or emotionally detached than usual. Trust your process. As Venus in Virgo joins the sun on Sept. 5, it may be time to finally let go of any self-sabotaging habits, relationships, and expenses. Cut the cord.

This month isn’t all gloom though, especially with Mercury in Libra officially stationing retrograde on Sept. 9. While some retrogrades bring stress and tension, this Mercury retrograde is teaching you how to laugh more and lighten up. To help you stay balanced and protect your peace, the Pisces full moon on Sept. 10 reminds you that your dreams and wants are valid, you just have to believe in yourself.

To top it off, as the month comes to an end and Libra season begins on Sept. 22, you’ll feel the call to stop overthinking and lean into a new flow. When considering what relationships and hobbies you should prioritize during the Sept. 25 Libra new moon, ask yourself: what makes me happy? What fulfils me and brings me joy?

Pisces (Feb. 19 to March 20) Monthly Horoscope For September 2022

How’s your love life, Pisces? Your September 2022 horoscope is bringing major attention to your one-to-one relationships. After all, with the Virgo sun in your seventh house of partnerships and marriage until Sept. 22 at the same time that Venus is in Virgo, this is the best month all year to reconnect with a partner or get serious about dating again.

However, before you can move ahead with a new partnership, you may need to clear the air with an ex or disgruntled employer. Because on Sept. 9, Mercury in Libra will station retrograde in your eighth house of debts, secrets, and shared resources, and if left ignored, unfinished business from the past may interfere with your future, so act accordingly. Luckily, the Pisces full moon will rise to the top of your chart the very next day (Sept. 10), bringing you the confidence and courage you need to take the next step.

On Sept. 22, the sun will enter your empowering eighth house of Libra, offering you a sacred opportunity to shed old skin and embrace the new beginning waiting for you. Although your focus has been on love and intimacy the past few weeks, the Sept. 25 Libra new moon encourages you to start a new investment plan and think about your legacy. Where do you want to be in five years, and who do you want to be with? No more games, Pisces. It’s time to get serious.

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