From Breland, to Tru, Experts Say These Are the Baby Names That’ll Boom in 2023


2023 is a pretty exciting year to be naming a baby. We’re in a moment of appreciating the old, but modernising it in a way that suits a more fluid lifestyle.

In 2022, unisex names such as Charlie, Frankie and Arlo were super popular; as gender fluidity and the freedom to choose how you identify became a hot (and important) topic of conversation.

So then, looking forward into 2023, what will be the most popular baby names and why?

The experts at Nameberry — a Baby Name DNA tool that analysing your name style and matches you to the perfect name — have come out with their red hot predictions. And they’re pretty interesting.

These are the top 23 baby names to watch in 2023.

1. Alden

Rooted in the Old English word Ealdwine, Alden means “old friend”. While traditionally a boy’s name, it could easily work for a girl too. According to Nameberry experts, “quite a few parents have been considering this handsome name lately”. It feels charming, understated, old-school and a little bit woodsy.

2. Archie

Despite being an undeniably cute name, the name Archie will reach new heights of popularity due to the growing spotlight on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Nameberry experts predict that the Duke and Duchess’s son’s name will cross the Atlantic even more than it already has, in 2023.

3. Billie

Boyish nicknames for girls seem to be having a moment in recent years, with gender fluidity and finding freedom in a name having new meaning. Nameberry experts think that Billie will be super popular in 2023, given the consistently growing popularity of Billie Eilish and considering that other similar options — such as Charlie and Frankie — have already had popular moments in 2021 and 2022.

4. Breland

This one is due to the up-and-coming singer/songwriter/producer Breland, which experts say could take this from one of the lesser-known -land names to one of the biggest members of this newly cool category.

5. Celeste

Experts say that Celeste is a true classic. Never sitting outside the Top 1000, Celeste is feminine without frills, yet distinctive compared to all the other hot girl names of the moment.

6. Cosmo

Charlotte Johansson’s son was born in late 2021, which experts reckon was slightly too late to make a big impact in the charts. However, it has the potential the soar in 2023.

7. Elio

Elio is about to get heaps of mainstream attention, thanks to the newest Disney-Pixar hero. Experts say that with it’s cool O ending, liquid sound and international appeal, it checks so many style boxes. Plus, it fits the recent Disney mould of choosing still-quirky names poised for greatness.

8. Everest

The ‘ever’ sound in names is super trendy right now, and when you pair it with an adventurous, outdoorsy feel… you get Everest. Experts say that it feels like a natural successor to popular Everett, but with a cool twist.

9. Halston

Experts love Hal-names for girls, and apparently, Halston is the next Hailey/Hallie/Hadley. Halston is also popular because it’s unisex, has a modern sound and is straight out of the fashion world. If that’s not ticking any boxes for you, then you’re outside the norm.

10. Jolene

What do you immediately think of? Dolly Parton. I mean, who wouldn’t want people to think of Dolly when their name is called? According to experts, Jolene is experiencing a quiet renaissance because there’s been a big focus on Parton as a humanitarian figure.

11. Linus

According to experts, Linus has such an impressive history beyond Peanuts: It’s an early pope’s name, and before that the name of the mythological inventor of rhythm and poetry. As namesakes go, it doesn’t get any better than that.

12. Louise

“A stylish vintage name with a royal air – and the on-trend ‘Lu’ sound. Experts think this could be the new Claire for Americans (and equally perplexing to Brits, as both are considered ‘mum names’ here).” 

13. Luxury

“Luxury was only given to 10 baby girls last year, but experts have a feeling it will rise exponentially. We’ve seen many more babies (of both sexes) named Lux over the past few years, and Luxury is the obvious next step. Experts reckon it’s just one celebrity baby away from being a massive hit. 

14. Marigold

“Juniper and Magnolia aren’t feeling as unique and bold as they once did, so parents seeking an offbeat nature name will be looking for something fresh, experts say. It may not be on the charts yet, but they expect it to be pretty soon.

15. Noah

Until recently most parents wouldn’t have considered Noah for a girl, but based on how much it’s risen in the last two years, it feels like the secret’s out. It could even overtake Noa, experts say. 

16. Omri

Omri is a fresh Biblical option that sports the soft sounds many parents are loving right now, and gives a similar vibe to names like Henry, Ezra, and Arlo. 

17. Romy

Romy has such a rich sound, like caramel sauce rich. But apart from just sounding great, it’s nickname-y, like Remi, which has been super popular in the last few years.

18. Rose

Rose has been a go-to middle name of the decade but experts see it being used more and more as a first name. Scarlett Johansson used it a handful of years ago, then Pippa Middleton chose it earlier this year. Experts predict it to reenter the US Top 100 for the first time since the early 1960s in 2023.

19. Sayer

Sayer was originally an occupational name for someone who went around reciting poetry and news, before newspapers and universal education. Imagine the power! If you’re considering naming your child Sawyer or Skyler, name them Sayer, experts suggest.

20. Sunday

“The influencer Labrant family have given all of their kids’ names a spike in numbers following their births: Everleigh, Posie, and most recently Zealand. Experts predict the name of their newest daughter born this past June, Sunday, will rise in 2023.

21. Tru

Tru is on a strong upwards trajectory for both lately and seems perfect for the moment, experts say. Part modern virtue, part vintage nickname, with a super streamlined look and sound. 

22. Wilde

An under-the-radar celebrity favourite right now, popping up here and there in various spellings (Wild, Wilde, Wylde). Experts predict Wilde for the spelling that will win out – it has a surnamey edge to temper the wildness of the word, and serious literary cachet. Plus, Olivia Wilde has made some headlines of late. In case you hadn’t heard.

23. Yuna

Yuna shares sounds with the ultra-popular Luna, yes, but much of its appeal lies in the fact that it’s a multicultural mini name. Yuna has roots in Japanese, Breton, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian, and more. Experts say they’d put good money on Yuna cracking the Top 1000 in 2023.

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