These Are the 4 Sexiest Foods You Can Cook For Someone You’re Into

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“He cooked me soup for dinner,” my friend told me, disappointed at the food choice made by her date the night before.

“It was yum, it just wasn’t the sexiest meal; y’know? Soup just isn’t sexy.”

I agreed with her that soup is more a-few-months-in-and-cuddling-on-the-couch, rather than sexy second date vibes. It’s more wholesome, than sexy.

But truthfully, I’d never thought about specific dishes making me more horny than others. Maybe it’s a sign that every time a lover has cooked for me, it’s been something pretty vibe-inducing.

“Food and cooking is the only thing that brings all the love languages together,” says Sophie McIntyre, founder of My Club Sup, a supper club for strangers to meet, “because it’s both gift giving and an act of service.”

“Going and picking up ingredients for a meal you think some one might like is literally everything in the face of the Uber Eats world we live in now. It’s the quality time you spend with them eating or preparing.

“Food makes us feel warm and fuzzy because it’s the most intimate way to be cared for other than sex.”

These are the four sexiest foods to cook on a first date, according to my foodie friends.

A Simple Pasta

According to Dr Matt Agnew, his go-to date night meal is a Caprese salad and pasta aglio e olio (pasta with oil, garlic, cheese, chilli and parsley).

“It’s simple yet delicious, and sounds fancier than it is. Plus, it’s light and fresh.” And of course, he adds, there’s that Lady and the Tramp reference.

He would probably pair this homecooked meal “with light red, going more towards a rose-style”. Sign us up!

My friend Oscar is also into an aglio e olio, but more of the late-night kind. “In the right content, this dish is such a winner” he says, because it’s easy to prep, delicious, impressive — and kind of wholesome, especially after a big night out.

Another friend, Myf, is super into a gluten-free cacio e pepe, which is the classic Roman pasta made with cheese, salt and pepper. It’s the true definition of simplicity, which means there’s very little room for error, which means you can tell if your date is a good cook or not. Important knowledge.

“I love homemade pasta,” says Nev, a friend who is married to a chef. “Because it requires skill and patience.” Both very important things in a partner.

His sauce of choice is also super simple: burnt butter, sage and pinenuts.


Steak has come up a few times, when I’ve asked friends and chefs what the sexiest meal is to cook for a babe.

It’s my personal fave. Being a low-iron queen, I always feel well-cared for when someone cooks me steak. Also, cooking the perfect steak (medium-rare for me), is a true art form. Crispy on the outside, pink and tender on the inside. Paired with a zesty, leafy salad and some roast potatoes? The key to my heart.

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My friend Bree also loves a good steak, but paired with wine and oysters. “Extra aphrodisiacs never go astray, am I right!?” Extra “pussy points” for good wine, she says, if you know how to shuck oysters.


My friend Oscar’s number one pick for date food is ceviche.

“It’s clean, fresh and requires skill. It’s also not smelly or sauce-y,” he says.

Bree agrees, that ceviche is a great option. “It’s fancy and light, two very important things to incorporate in a pre-sexy times meal.”

And like Oscar said, ceviche takes skill. You can’t say you wouldn’t be impressed if someone presented you with a plate of perfectly cut kingfish, salmon or tuna, with a sesame dressing, some grapefruit and avocado puree.

Because raw fish is delicious and being a good cook is attractive.

“Being a good cook is attractive because it’s a level of looking after yourself many people aren’t willing to engage with,” says McIntyre.

“We will go to the gym get our nails done; lashes, botox… anything but cooking is so baseline, so primal. It shows the deepest respect for yourself and how you’re wanting to function in this world.”

“Food is probably the only way I really know how to show love. If someone is going through a hard time I’m like come over let me cook for you. It directly translates to let me create a big old risotto so creamy it will help you forget your heartbreak.”


“A martini for dessert?” Oscar suggests, and immediately I agree. Who doesn’t love something alcoholic and salty? Plus, all the sexy icons in old movies drink martinis.

“I also always love chocolate and strawberries.” It’s cliche, but fab. The best recipe for a date.

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