I'm Delighted to Inform You That These 25 Myths About Turning 25 Just Aren't True

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What’s with all the pressure around turning 25, anyways? I’m about to celebrate my 25th birthday, and I can’t help but think (and laugh) about where I thought I’d be by this age. Married with kids? Yeah, right. When you’re younger, 25 sounds so much older than what it actually is. Sure, I’m 25 – technically I can rent a car now, and supposedly my brain is fully developed – but I’m still allowed to be lost and make mistakes. No, I’m not in a serious relationship (sorry, Grandma), but I’ve been in enough to understand that you need to wholeheartedly love yourself first. I may not own a home or even rent an apartment that’s picturesque, but I moved across the country for a cool job that I love. There’s still a lot I have left to accomplish in my life, but for the 25 years I’ve had, I’d say I’m doing pretty well. Our world puts so much pressure on 25, and if I actually listened to it, I’d be a mess.

Truth is, I’m going into 25 with no regrets. I’ll probably celebrate with one too many drinks, you know, for a 25-year-old. Maybe I’ll even text my ex to throw off my mid-20s maturity. The point is that, yes, 25 is a meaningful age as with any year around the sun. It’s important to have goals and be a reasonably responsible human being, but if you feel “off track,” it’s because you’re human, and tracks aren’t a real thing. Embrace who you are and how you’re feeling, and if you want to accomplish a goal, go after it, but do it for you, not because you’re 25 and feel like you should. We’re all where we’re supposed to be, and turning a year older doesn’t change that. If you’re with me, keep reading for all the myths about turning 25.

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