Hot Tip: Use the Productive Virgo New Moon Energy to Shake Up Your Routine

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Feeling a little underwhelmed at the moment? If you’re in lockdown, this is completely understandable. After weeks at home, following the same routines, the days can begin to blur into one, which is why this month’s New Moon is taking place in the best possible sign for productivity.

Say hello to the New Moon in Virgo, which is happening on September 7 at 10:51am AEST. If you’re not familiar with the common Virgo traits, you’re in for a treat. Virgos are logical and practical people who thrive on order, routine and repetition — the perfect energy for our current predicament.

This Virgo energy, coupled with the New Moon which is all about fresh beginnings, is the perfect time to get your life back in order. Those in lockdown might have let a few things slide in recent weeks, which is totally normal. Our world feels pretty small and we’re not certain when things will change.

So, let this New Moon in Virgo energy inject a little bit of spark and productivity into the coming month. As author and podcast host Jordanna Levin said in a recent Instagram post, “think of it as a reset. a new opportunity to try again. This is the energy of all New Moons, but when she is in Virgo, it’s like hiring an event planner, business coach, landscaper, personal trainer and bookkeeper all in one to help you put things in order.”

The positive energy associated with the beginning of this New Moon cycle is perfect for this time. “Life in lockdown has likely got a little ‘casual’ or ‘sloppy’ as a friend of mine put it the other day,” Levin wrote. “It’s time to switch perspectives and look at these ‘restrictions’ in a new light.

“Shake up your routine, create order where needed, organise your wardrobe, kitchen cupboards, the kids’ playroom etc. If you usually groan at the thought of those things, expect a little extra motivation behind you with this New Moon.”

Free yourself of the clutter that has been weighing you down — be it physically or mentally — set up a new routine, roll up your sleeves and throw yourself into that project you’ve been wanting to start. Motivation might be severely lacking in lockdown, so try to jump on it when you can!

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