2023 Will Be a Year of Spiritual Awakenings, According to Numerology

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The beginning of the new year is an excellent time to explore your favorite annual horoscopes and tarot spread for the months ahead, but there’s also another great way to uncover helpful insights about what’s to come: numerology. What is numerology? In short, numerology is the symbolic study of numbers. Just like we observe the celestial movements of the moon, sun, and planets, numbers carry a special spiritual meaning to help guide us along our path.

Whether you’re a passionate numerology enthusiast or a newbie to the numbers game, everyone can benefit from understanding and aligning themselves with the energy of the universal year, which can be described as the main themes and characteristics the collective will focus on each year. For example, 2021 was a five universal year focused on freedom, adventure, and creative exploration, and 2022 was a six universal year focused on love, partnership, healing, and boundaries. Now, we’re entering a seven universal year, which invites us to embrace the energy of solitude, self-discovery, spirituality, and stillness.

To calculate and find the universal number for each year, add the numbers in each year, and reduce them to a single digit. For example, 2023’s universal number can be found by adding 2+0+2+3, which equals seven. That makes 2023 a seven universal year.

The Numerology of 2023

With 2023 being a seven universal year, the number of introspection, intuition, and divinity, expect a major soul and spiritual awakening to shake up the collective. This is because seven’s energy symbolizes the power of knowledge and belief systems. In spiritual numerology, seven represents divine consciousness and mental genius. This is the number of intellectualism, science, and the occult. A seeker and seer, intuitive seven symbolizes the journey of life and self-realization. Unlike service-oriented six, which is busy with its many responsibilities and domestic duties, seven prioritizes its boundaries and quiet time to ask the bigger questions. Seven’s mission is to uncover the true meaning and purpose of life.

That said, the numerical energy of 2023 empowers you to tap into your most philosophical, ritualistic, intimate, and supernatural self. This is the year to go beyond the surface-level self-care tactics and tap into the higher vibrations of life. For instance, when was the last time you planned a solo trip, booked a reading with your favorite astrologer, and incorporated moments of stillness into your daily routines? After 2022, a hustle-and-bustle universal year six, the collective will continue to focus on upholding clear boundaries, prioritizing mental health over burnout, and integrating occult practices like astrology, tarot, and numerology into the mainstream.

At the same time, 2023’s universal year seven teaches us the importance of trial and error. Rather than fretting over what could go wrong, seven’s mysterious spirit enjoys going behind the scenes and experimenting with new tools and techniques, so don’t be afraid to tiptoe out of your comfort zone.

In fact, despite the desire for a quiet and peaceful life, the energy of seven will bless us with profound concentration and analytical skills, making this an excellent year to further your studies and specialize in a trade. That said, expect a rise of new faces and influences this year, as seven is known for being highly praised for its unique discoveries and theories. Known for its ability to see and know beyond the physical, seven reminds us that the best things in life are yet to be discovered.

Tips For Working With the 7 Universal Year in 2023

Be a student of life. Whether you’re using this year to learn more about yourself, explore your area of expertise, or become a leading voice in your industry, the universal energy of seven encourages you to be curious. Seven reminds you that sometimes it’s not about what you know but what you experience, so surround yourself with new opportunities to stretch and learn this year. This energy is excellent for picking up a hobby, going back to school, and finding joy in everyday magic rather than grand moments in life.

Get comfortable with alone time. Although alone time can be discomforting at times, the seven universal energy of 2023 wants you to find peace within. If 2022 (a universal year six) was all about deepening partnerships and laying down roots, this is your year of coming home to yourself.

Surrender to your intuition. Instead of running from your inner voice, this is the year to surrender to your intuition. Many of you will discover new psychic abilities and feel closer to your spiritual guides than you’ve ever been. Lean into that feeling. Get intimate with your wants, fears, and deepest desires. This is the year to strip away self-doubt, shame, and overthinking, and embody all parts of who you are and are ready to become.

Eckhart Tolle once said, “You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life, but by realizing who you are at the deepest level.” This quote embodies the numerology for 2023. So as we head into 2023, a seven universal year of self-realization and discovering our untapped potential, remember that you are more than your material possessions and society labels. Challenge yourself to go beyond what you think is possible, and explore the unknown. The energy of seven supports you.

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