What Goes Around, Comes Around: These Jazz Age Names Are Back, Baby

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The old saying ‘what goes around comes around’ doesn’t just apply to Y2K clothing trends, karma or your on-again-off-again situationship. It also goes for old-fashioned baby names.

According to name search engine and inspiration generator, Nameberry, there’s a theory called the “Hundred Year Rule”. It explains that it takes one century for an alias to rid of its reputation as an old person name and be used by a new generation of parents. So, in today’s terms, that means: move over, Blue Ivy and Stormi Webster because Phyllis and Chester are back on trend.

But picking a name is not a decision made lightly, unless they decide to change it at a later time — it’s forever. So, for the future well-being of your child, think carefully and choose wisely.

If you’re searching for a unique but tried and tested name to call your child, we’ve selected a few from Nameberry’s Top 100 Names of the 1920s to stir up some ideas.

Old Fashioned Baby Girl Names

Hazel (#11)

Meaning: the hazelnut tree

Evelyn (#20)

Meaning: desired; water or island

Dorothy (#47)

Meaning: gift of god

Louise (#51)

Meaning: renowned warrior

Marion (#82)

Meaning: drop of the sea, bitter or beloved

Bernice (#85)

Meaning: she who brings victory

Old Fashioned Baby Boy Names

Thomas (#10)

Meaning: twin

Kenneth (#19)

Meaning: born of fire; handsome

Lawrence (#24)

Meaning: from Laurentium

Warren (#36)

Meaning: park-keeper

Harold (#64)

Meaning: army ruler

Marvin (#89)

Meaning: the king

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