Feel Like You’re Not Having Good Sex? This Sex Ed Course Might Be the Answer

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Mardi Gras season is upon us, and we can see the glitter already. But while our minds go to flying rainbow colours, dancing our butts off and celebrating love in all forms, it’s also an important time to go back to basics.

Mardi Gras means celebrating love, and celebrating love also includes sexy times. IDK about you, but the magnetic and inclusive energy of Mardi Gras always gets my juices flowing (if you know what I mean ?), and what better time to remind ourselves of all things sex ed.

Porn, limited sex education, and the heteronormative expectations that exist today have meant that many LGBTQ+ people step out into the world post-school with very little knowledge on V-on-V, P-on-P, anal and oral sex.

A survey by Australian sexual wellness brand NORMAL, called the Big Sex Survey, found that less than 10 per cent of respondents learned anything about safe LGBTQ+ sex in school — yikes! NORMAL has set out to right that wrong with its educational course, The Modern Guide to Sex. This guide is basically the alphabet of sex ed — because P and V aren’t the only letters that go together.

With 15 video masterclasses, an accompanying e-book, practical exercises and Sex Coach, The Bachelor Australia guest and intimacy specialist, Georgia Grace as the lecturer, the course dispells common myths and misconceptions, provides tips and dozens of techniques to try, and delves deeply into finding pleasure in all sexual experiences. Sex is meant to be enjoyed and absolutely can be if you know what you’re doing.

“Sex education has always been about what NOT to do,” says NORMAL founder, Lucy Wark.

“Some schools will teach you how to put a condom around a banana, but not how to have sex. They also don’t tell you that P-on-V is not the only option. We need to educate people on pleasure, emotional connection and intimacy in a way that’s practical, realistic and inclusive.”

So far, people across more than 40 countries around the world have attended for the masterclass and given it glowing reviews.

“The majority of students today didn’t learn anything about LGBTQ+ sexual wellness in school, and can’t find much support in university either,” says Wark. “Sex education has become such a neglected part of life despite people wanting to learn more. We all deserve a lot better than trying to learn from porn or Dr Google.”

If your sex education to date has been limited to guesswork and porn (neither are ideal), and you’re feeling the nerves settle in as Australia gears up for the biggest event of the rainbow calendar, we highly recommend that you level up with sex education we all should’ve received in high school in the form of NORMAL’s Modern Guide to Sex. And why wouldn’t you, considering it’s completely free with an email sign-up.

The Modern Guide to Sex covers topics related to pleasure, consent, relationships and sexual health, including:

Understanding pleasure
Body, Self and Sexual Confidence
The Science of Foreplay, Arousal and Orgasms
Masturbation and Solo Exploration
Exploring Vaginal Sex
Exploring Anal and Oral Sex
Exploring V-on-V and P-on-P Sex
Boundaries and Consent Skills
Fostering Better Relationships
Sexual Health & Wellbeing
Pain During Sex

It basically touches on everything you need to know to have good sex. Need we say more? You can sign up here.

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