Managing Your Period Pain Naturally Is Easier Than We’ve Been Told

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IDK about you, but I am SICK of every doctor telling me that contraception is going to “fix” my menstrual pain.

My situation is a little different. Living with endometriosis, I am always looking for ways to better manage the pain and have been told countless times that contraception is the only option.

And this isn’t just the case for me, someone who suffers with chronic pain, but for 92 per cent of menstruating women in Australia, who suffer from bad PMS symptoms and period cramps. Among those women, 77 per cent suffer from extreme period pain that has affected their ability to work. That’s over 11.7 million women being held back by PMS and painful periods every month. The truth is, whilst these symptoms are statistically common, they’re not biologically normal.

It feels unfair that we need to stop our lives once a month for our period pain. I’ve personally tried multiple different forms of contraception (the pill and the IUD) to manage the pain, and while they helped lessen the cramps, the imbalance of hormones threw my body out of whack in other ways. With the pill, I got extreme dizziness and nausea so regularly that I couldn’t perform my daily activities, while the IUD negatively impacted my mood, making me feel numb and depressed. In short, hormonal contraception isn’t for me, and that’s okay.

It can feel like a lose-lose situation. If you suffer from bad period cramps, and you’re told that contraception will fix it, only to find out that it gives you a plethora of other terribly unpleasant symptoms. Don’t worry babes, I feel you.

Thankfully, despite contraception being the most common quick fix, there are in fact other alternative options, thanks to brands like My Moonbox, empowering menstruating babes to transform their periods and lives — without going on birth control.

What Is ‘My Moonbox’?

My Moonbox is a brand on a mission to challenge the status quo and transform the way in which women experience their periods. They want them to be able to thrive all month long, including the days they bleed.

“Intuitively, I knew there had to be a natural long-term solution to help fix my period problems and the hormonal chaos I experienced each month, without having to rely on pharmaceuticals,” says founder of the brand and period expert, Nikki Gonda.

My Moonbox works by delivering us the essential cycle education, plus natural products tailored to our needs, to balance our menstrual hormones so that we can feel our most vibrant, vital selves.

How Does ‘My Moonbox’ Work?

The ‘PMS and Cramps’ Moonbox delivers a beautiful box containing three hormone supportive products that form a 3-step daily routine designed to combat unwanted period pain, PMS and cramps. The best part yet? You can have your Moonbox conveniently delivered right to your door every month with a monthly subscription that works out to just under $2 per day.

Step 1: Support PMS moods and reduce inflammation causing period pain by drinking a daily delicious turmeric Luna’s Gold latte filled with hormone supporting adaptogens.

Step 2: Calm the nervous system and prevent PMS symptoms and cramps by boosting your daily magnesium (also known as the magic period mineral) intake with just a few sprays of Moon Boost onto your belly.

Step 3: Make breakfast, lunch and dinner hormone-healthy with a sprinkle of Earth Seeds, a superfood blend of hemp, chia and sesame seeds containing essential nutrients designed for healthier, happier hormones.

The Moonbox bundle includes both the Masterclass and ‘PMS and Cramps’ Moonbox which provides the perfect formula for women wanting to reclaim their cycle, take back their freedom and step into their power all month long.

You can order yours online here.

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