43 Pisces-Inspired Baby Names For Your Little Water-Lover

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If your baby arrives between Feb. 19 and March 20, you’ve got a Pisces in the family, and there are lots of great zodiac-inspired baby names that have aquatic links. As Pisces’s element is water, and the sign is represented by two fish, it’s no surprise that Pisces babies are often keen swimmers, but they’re also said to be very friendly, compassionate, and selfless, loving to help others in their gentle, wise way. These forgiving souls are the most tolerant of all the signs and never judge others.

With Neptune as their ruling planet, they’re often intuitive and dreamy, and their empathetic nature links to their interest in spirituality. This association also means that artistic Pisceans typically love music and the visual arts. They adore romance and make faithful, caring, generous partners. Let these links guide you as you choose a baby name for your little Pisces, and see how other parents have displayed their choice of moniker with the best baby name tattoos.

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Names For Pisces Boys

  1. Apollo: Greek, the god of music.
  2. Bodhi: Sanskrit, means “awakening, enlightenment.”
  3. Carey: Celtic, means “from the river.”
  4. Caspian: The sea that connects Europe and Asia.
  5. Dylan: Welsh, means “son of the sea.”
  6. Fiyaz: Indian, means “artistic.”
  7. Frey: Old Norse, the patron god of seafarers.
  8. Gareth: Welsh, means “gentle.”
  9. Kai: Hawaiian, means “sea.”
  10. Kelsey: Old Norse, means “one who lives by the water.”
  11. Lachlan: Scottish Gaelic, means “from the land of lochs.”
  12. Lamar: Teutonic, means “from the sea.”
  13. Morgan: Welsh, means “bright sea.”
  14. Murdoch: Scottish Gaelic, means “mariner.”
  15. Nile: The river in Egypt.
  16. Rio: Spanish, means “river.”
  17. Salmon: Arabic, means “spiritual seeker.”
  18. Solomon: Hebrew, means “wise and peaceful.”
  19. Triton: The Greek sea god.
  20. Zelman: Hebrew, means “wise and peaceful.”
  21. Zen: A Japanese form of Buddhism.

Names For Pisces Girls

  1. Aria: In music, a solo song accompanied by an instrumental.
  2. Ashlyn: Irish, means “dream.”
  3. Cadence: Greek, means “rhythm.”
  4. Calypso: A Greek sea nymph.
  5. Catherine: Greek, means “self-sacrifice.”
  6. Clementine: Latin, means “gentle.”
  7. Coral: Latin, means “from the sea.”
  8. Delia: Celtic, means “jewel of the sea.”
  9. Doris: Greek, means “from the ocean.”
  10. Freda: Teutonic/Welsh, means “peaceful friend.”
  11. Irvette: Old English, means “friend from the sea.”
  12. Kalavati: Sanskrit, means “well versed in the arts.”
  13. Mahalia: Hebrew, means “tenderness.”
  14. Marina: Latin, means “of the sea.”
  15. Melody: Greek, means “song.”
  16. Mercy: Middle English, means “compassion.”
  17. Moana: Maori, means “ocean.”
  18. Naida: Greek, means “water nymph.”
  19. Nixie: German, means “water sprite.”
  20. Ruth: Hebrew, means “compassionate.”
  21. Tallulah: Native American, means “leaping water.”
  22. Winifred: Teutonic, means “peaceful friend.”
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