Meet Your Dark Side: Your Pluto Sign Explained

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Your birth chart is riddled with celestial insight into your qualities, quirks, and impulses. Your sun, moon, and rising signs can tell you a lot about your first impressions, your emotional responses, and how you express yourself. But did you know there’s a placement in your birth chart that represents the darker, more flawed parts of yourself?

That’s right, every zodiac has a shadow side, and it’s symbolised significantly by your Pluto sign. Unraveling the secrets and hidden motives of your Pluto sign can help you better understand the obsessive, power-hungry version of yourself. Keep reading to find out the astrological meaning behind your Pluto sign and how it affects your day-to-day life.

What Does Your Pluto Sign Mean?

Your Pluto sign is a window into your secrets, hidden agendas, and subconscious. It’s where you keep all of your taboo and top-secret emotions, thoughts, and desires. Since Pluto is associated with Hades in Greek mythology, aka the god of the underworld, this placement in your chart also represents power dynamics, obsession, and even destructiveness. Given its dishonorable shadow qualities, consider your Pluto sign the placement you hide from others – except maybe your therapist.

Your Pluto sign also determines transformation, your thirst for power, and your proclivity to upheaval. But it also signals rebirth. On a grander scale, when Pluto makes a return, it usually creates an opportunity for change and renewal for all the zodiac signs.

You can think of your Pluto sign as a representation of the phases of metamorphosis and how well you adjust and respond to change. For example, if your Pluto sign is in Scorpio (which happens to be the sign that Pluto rules (aka planetary ruler) in modern astrology), you’re probably comfortable with the idea of facing change and shedding people or situations in order to grow.

Knowing the qualities and habits of your Pluto sign stops you from avoiding or suppressing darker traits. Once you understand your Pluto sign, you can learn how to break bad habits and cycles. Pluto signs are reflections of your deepest and often shameful beliefs and desires, so as hard as it may be to face this version of yourself, it can be helpful when you take the plunge to heal yourself.

How to Find Your Pluto Sign

To find your Pluto sign, you need to know your birthdate and where you were born. Once you’ve gathered that information, all you really need to calculate your Pluto sign is an astrology app or an online Pluto-sign calculator.

Although it represents your darker side, your Pluto sign is not something you should let define you. Using your Pluto placement as a guide to understand how you respond to change can be an extremely useful tool for growth. As long as you can take accountability and commit to inner work, your Pluto sign – no matter how destructive – is nothing to be ashamed about.

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