The Podcasts You Need to Listen to, According to Your Star Sign

Mercury Retrograde is soon to be upon us (September 27 to October 17) babes, and we’re preparing.

With many of us looking to calm the chaos, we’ve pulled together podcast recommendations that suit your star sign. Whether you’re an intuitive Scorpio, a theatrical Leo or a cautious Taurus, there’s a podcast to feed your soul on Spotify.

Here are our top picks for podcasts, sorted by star signs.


Leo’s are known for their vivacious energy, theatrical, passionate and artistic nature and are natural-born leaders.

We recommend:

4D with Demi Lovato

Since coming out as non-binary, Demi endeavours to delve into deep conversations that take them and their guests into a 4th dimension.

Single Minded

Hosted by Hannah Furst and her mum Linda, Single Minded is all about dating and the journeys we go on as independent women.


This is all about female entrepreneurs, with insights into their knowledge and world-class hot tips on becoming your own boss b*tch.


It’s pretty well-documented that Scorpio’s are investigative and intuitive creatures, with an endless emotional depth that they like to protect at all costs.

We recommend:

Spy Affair

This is a story of deception, appearances and betrayal. It’s sexy and it’s sinister.

The Savvy Psychologist

Dr Monica Johnson hosts this podcast, taking us through the science of psychology in the most relatable and entertaining way. This is one for the over-thinkers.


Lawyer Nicola Gobbolo has represented some of Australia’s most notorious criminals, all while secretly working as a police informer. These are her stories.


You are known as the more progressive but idealistic person at the dinner party, who out-smarts everyone with creativity and eccentricity.

We recommend:

Old Boys Club

A podcast that helps you *actually* understand Australian politics.

You’re Wrong About

Each week, journalists Michael Hobbes and Sarah Marshall go through people and events that have been miscast in the public imagination. This is the ultimate dinner party trivia.

Oprah: Super Soul

Oprah gets deep into philosophy and understanding our most powerful tool: the mind.


Taurus, you’re the most grounded… sometimes to your detriment. You’re concerned with sustainability, you’re a hard worker and also a nurturer. You often worry about everyone else, before yourself.

We recommend:

Wardrobe Crisis

Hosted by Clare Press, the first Vogue Sustainability Editor, this is a fashion podcast all about sustainable and ethical fashion.

The Broke Generation

This is a feel-good finance podcast, filled with honest money conversations and practical tips to save and get ahead as a young person in this economy.

Woman’s Hour

Women’s voices and women’s lives… Woman’s Hour is all about what it means to be a woman, in every area of society, everywhere.


You’re not afraid to say exactly what you’re thinking. You’re fiercely individualistic and you have boundless energy which makes you a fearless leader.

Call Her Daddy

Call Her Daddy is the sassy splash of spicy feminism you need on the daily. It’s all provocative conversations, sexual liberty and f*ck the patriarchy energy.

The Business Bible

This podcast will walk you through the A-Z must-knows of starting and sustaining a successful business.


You are empathetic, compassionate and thoughtful, mostly because you’re one of the only star signs that is well attuned with your emotions. We love you for it.

We recommend:

Where Should We Begin? With Esther Perel

Esther Perel takes you into some of her real-life sessions with couples struggling with infidelity.

Modern Love

Whether it’s a TV series, a New York Times column or a podcast, we can’t get enough of the Modern Love stories. Editors share their favourites on this podcast.

Something Was Wrong

A true-crime docuseries on discovery, trauma and recovery from abusive relationships


You’re our banter queens, full of quick wit and inquisitive minds, there’s never a dull moment with you.

We recommend:

Beautiful Anonymous

Comedian Chris Gethard (This American Life) opens up the phone line to one anonymous caller, where nothing is off-limits. Think shocking confessions, to family secrets to philosophical discussions… expect the unexpected.


All the intriguing things that are happening in the deep online abyss right now.

This Is Actually Happening

This podcast brings you the insane true stories of life-altering events and the people that lived them.


You are an optimistic free spirit, who is brutally honest, intellectual and an unexpected comic.

We recommend:

It’s A Lot With Abbie Chatfield

Reality TV queen and chronic over-sharer Abbie Chatfield tackles the heavy (and the light) stuff on her podcast every week, never ceases to bring us the good content.

Aunty Donna

Comedy for the whole fam.

Emsolation with Em Rusciano

From US politics to Harry Styles’ hair, Em Rusciano covers it all on this pop culture and news podcast.


Y’all are logical, practical and systematic with a side of perfectionism.

We recommend:

My Amazing Body

This podcast will teach you things you didn’t know about your body, in an attempt to help you understand and love it that much more.

Stuff You Should Know

There are an endless amount of facts we don’t know. This podcast attempts to cover some of the most niche areas of the world will knowledge that might surprise you.

The Librarian Is In

This podcast is all about literature, books and culture. It will give you a new understanding, appreciation and inspiration for the original form of content.


You’re a balanced combo of extroverted, cosy, friendly and peaceful. And you get a huge boner over doing the right thing.

We recommend:

Table Manners with Jessie Ware

British musician Jessie Ware hosts a podcast all about food, family and the art of having a beautiful chat.

Beauty IQ

This is Adore Beauty’s podcast, hosted by Beauty Editor Joanne and beauty newbie Hannah, talking about everything beauty.


You’re a go-getter. You have big dreams, you’re ambitious and goal-oriented, so you’re going make it happen.

We recommend:

The Property Playbook

This podcast will help you every step of the way to achieving homeownership.

How I Built This

Host Guy Raz goes behind some of the biggest companies in the world and explores how they got there.

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