Interested in Pottery? Here Are 4 Ways to Get Started

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In a win for therapeutic and creative hobbies, the rate of people taking up pottery and other clay-making tasks is on the up.

Since the pandemic, crafting and making things from scratch have really resurfaced as an important element in a healthy life, and I am so here for it. But while I got onto the bread-making trend and doing yoga classes in my living room, I feel like I’m the last person on my Instagram feed to catch onto the pottery trend.

To be honest, I’ve never tried my hand at pottery because I’m afraid I’d suck at it. Then I found myself at a friend’s house for dinner, drinking from cute pottery cups she’d made that were truly perfect in their imperfection, and I decided that fear is no reason to not try something. Duh, Laura.

So if you’re like me and have absolutely no idea where to begin but are ready to give it a go, let’s embark on this journey together. I’ve done some research, and here are four easy ways you can get your hands sticky, real fast.

Take a Class

Pottery classes are perhaps the best way to start if you’re a novice, because you’ll have step-by-step instruction and someone experienced there to help you, should you get into a sticky mess. Take a friend, or your mum and just have fun with it.

There are actually so many pottery classes, it’s overwhelming. One of my favourite places to find activities and creative classes near you is Red Balloon. Upon my research, this Clay and Sip session (only $29 each!) looks cute, especially if you want to take the edge off your first-time pottery class nerves.

Another super cute studio is Pot Dispensary in Melbourne, which offer group classes, 6-week programs and one-on-one sessions.

Buy a Clay Kit and DIY at Home

This is perfect for anyone who has done a few classes and feels somewhat confident and familiar with the process, or even those who just want to have fun and give it a go in the privacy of their own home.

It could be a super fun dinner party idea; get a group of friends together and try it as a group activity after dinner!

You can buy amazing clay kits online, complete with instructions and no need for any high-tech equipment. This Luxury Clay Hand Building Craft Box / Kit ($99 each) is super cute and all you’ll need is a rolling pin and chopping board, while this Pottery Hand Building Craft Box / Kit ($120 per box) is designed for rejuvenation and relaxation.

Decorate Already-Made Pieces

If you’re not ready to just dive right into creating your own ceramics, you can start by just decorating and etching into already-made pieces.

There are workshops like this Ceramic Painting Workshop with Drinks ($90) that just involve painting ceramics and drinking wine, or this Ceramic Workshop: Trinket Dish ($59) which involves designing your own jewellery dish with quotes, etchings or stamps of your choosing.

You can find an array of other ceramics decorating workshops here.

Do Some Background Reading

Pottery is a super extensive activity, and there are so many reasons why people do it. While some may do it for their mental health, to reduce stress and treat things like PTSD, others do it for a creative outlet and a pure love for getting their hands dirty.

There are also so many different forms of pottery, depending on whether you’re making cute ceramics for your home, just doing it for fun or with a big goal in mind.

Before you enter into a world as big as the pottery world, I think it’s important to understand why you’d like to do it and what you hope to get out of it. That way, you’ll know the perfect place to search for the tools and knowledge that you need.

You can find some incredible resources for pottery classes and workshops here, and more about the history of pottery and mental health here.

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