The Goldilocks of Handbags: I’ve Finally Found the Perfect Everyday Bag After Years of Searching

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I’ve spent years searching for the handbag that would make the day to day a little easier. It sounds dramatic but a handbag can make or break your day, in my opinion. How inconvenient is it when your bag is too small and you’re forced to juggle a million items in your hands? Or if a bag is too big and swallows all of your essentials so you can’t ever find anything when you need it.

The one I’ve found is just right. For years, I’ve worn a small crossbody bag, sometimes swapping it out for a canvas tote bag when I needed a little more room but I’ve always been on the look for a medium-sized bag that is both sturdy enough for everyday use without looking out of place with my outfits.

Enter: Prene Bags. You’re probably familiar with the Australian brand, which has been a firm favourite of fashion lovers for years now. In fact, Bec Judd even has a collection with the brand, so you know it’s good quality. So, I decided to see what the fuss was about and try it for myself.

And here is where I stumbled across my perfect bag: The X Bag ($129.95). Made from neoprene and designed with a sporty feel, The X Bag’s minimalist design ticks all of the boxes for me. The black colour, pared-back silver hardware and contrast twist woven handles make it perfect for taking to work, to the gym or to the market on the weekend.

It’s big enough that I can fit my laptop in it, as well as my gym clothes, but not so large that I’m unable to find my house keys and don’t need to spend five minutes rattling around to locate them. Since lockdown, I haven’t had the need to transport my laptop or gym clothes anywhere, so have been taking the bag with me to the grocery store instead, filling it with bits and bobs I need for the week.

I also recently discovered another feature about the bag that I truly love and that’s the fact that it’s machine washable. If needed, you can pop it into a mesh bag (usually used for delicates) and pop it on a gentle cycle with cold water. While I haven’t washed my bag yet, my water bottle did recently leak through it, completely saturating it, and I simply popped it outside to dry and it was good as new.

The price point of the Prene products is also a big plus. While I love a large leather tote bag, the price tag that comes with such a purchase isn’t so affordable. Knowing that I’m not having to spend a large chunk of money while still getting a bag that can withstand the trials and tribulations of every day is a massive positive.

Banging on about a handbag might be niche but seeing as my search is over, I had to share the information in case you were also on the hunt for a similarly life-changing bag that can do it all. What’s next on my handbag wardrobe hit list you ask? The perfect small crossbody bag that is stylish yet similarly functional to my tote bag. I’ve currently got my eyes on The Pebbles Bag ($109.95) for when life resumes.

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