April Hélène-Horton on Evolving Yourself: “Be The Person You 10 Years Ago Would’ve Hated”

We know everyone’s relationship with themselves is different. Therefore, choosing how we grow and improve ourselves can lead us down wildly different paths. April Hélène-Horton, otherwise known as The Bodzilla, has built a devoted audience showcasing how she’s bettering herself, both the triumphs and the trip-ups, and sharing her experiences with anyone else looking to evolve and improve their own mindset.

Now, Helene-Horton has sat down with Melissa Mason for the latest episode of POPSUGAR’s Love Rants to discuss the concept of having a healthy relationship with yourself. Knowing what you want to change about yourself, and understanding the why behind the want, can be a near-impossible task for anyone, but this episode is all about how we as a society can approach this never-ending journey, and understanding when it’s worth expending our energy — and when it isn’t.

April Hélène-Horton on Her Relationship With Herself: “My Belief About Myself Is That I’m Worth More Than Putting Myself In Harm’s Way”

On the podcast, April recounts a recent experience she had with a doctor, in which she was subjected to, what she describes as, “the most hideous experience of fatphobia” she’s had with the conscious knowledge that she was experiencing it.

“I walked in there, and I came out feeling like a sad 15-year-old, and I cried for hours in my bed about how it made me feel,” she said.

“None of my beliefs were holding me back, but that barrier to me accessing healthcare was there that actually involved real care because that person held beliefs about me, and that meant she didn’t want to engage with me in the way that I was ready to engage.”

But this is where a dilemma arose for April: How should she respond going forward when it comes to this doctor? For plenty of people, the knee-jerk reaction would be to either complain to the practice or spread the word about how this doctor treated her. Thanks to her growth, though, April had a different approach.

“I actually don’t think that there’s value in me going in there and stressing myself out to have a conversation with the person who’s committed to misunderstanding fat people,” she explained.

“I’m better off finding a new doctor and telling every fat person they know, ‘Don’t see that doctor, see this doctor.’ It’s not about wanting to take action, wanting to agitate for change, and wanting to be like, ‘I can change this.’

“You know what? I probably can’t, and I could do a lot more with this action than that action. I’ll do more good sharing my experience with people in real life and being like, ‘Oh, if you’re looking for a really good doctor, I know one,’ rather than making a scene about how terrible she was.”

Listen to April’s full episode of POPSUGAR’s Love Rants above.


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