Meet Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick’s 3 Kids – Including Twins!

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Sarah Jessica Parker‘s best-known role involves looking for love and living her best single life in the process, but in real life, the Sex and the City star is happily married and a mom of three. The actress’s 29-year relationship with actor Matthew Broderick – the pair started dating in 1992 and got married in 1997 – has been one of Hollywood’s most successful marriages. Parker, who is starring in a revival of Sex and the City, and Broderick, star of Ferris Bueller Day’s Off, The Producers and much more, welcomed son James in 2002, then twin girls in 2009. Although Parker, 55, and Broderick, 58, are tight-lipped about their kids for the most part, here’s what we know about their family.

James Wilkie Broderick

Their first child, James, was born Oct. 28, 2002. The 18-year-old is often seen hanging out with dad Broderick at New York Knicks games. Although SJP usually is quiet about her kids, she has made exceptions by posting tributes honoring them on his birthdays. On James’ 18th birthday, she posted photos of him as a child on Instagram, writing: “On this day, you are 18 years old. I marvel at the passing of those years but equally the young man you are becoming. My love for you is an ache and an honor. As you leap toward and into your future, I remain your privileged and steadfast confident and joyful witness to the year ahead.”

Marion Loretta Elwell

Daughter Marion (a twin!) was born June 22, 2009, via surrogacy after the couple tried unsuccessfully to conceive again. “You turned our lives inside out and upside down, filled and continue to fill all the remaining space with endless surprises, romance, sentimentality, art and a bounty of a sort of love we didn’t even know we were missing,” Parker wrote on Instagram about her daughters in June.

Tabitha Hodge Broderick

Like twin sister Marion, Tabitha was born June 22, 2009, via surrogacy. Parker opened up about the rewards, and struggles, of parenting in 2018 during an episode of Girlboss Radio. “You’re in a constant state of worrying about your children . . . It’s very painful and it’s exhilarating. It’s a really interesting way of living in the world. I read books differently, or I look at parents and children on the subway differently. I hear music differently or when I see something, I think, ‘I wish Tabitha and Loretta were with me now and they could see this.’ That’s the good part,” Parker said.

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