From New York To The Amalfi Coast: These Scents Will Transport You To Where You’d Rather Be

Scent Australia Home

We wouldn’t be surprised if the whole of Australia right now is dreaming about being somewhere else.

We love our country, but never have we wanted to travel overseas as much as now — when we can’t. Now that we’re legally deprived of being able to travel and immerse ourselves in different cultures, we have a newfound appreciation for a change of scene.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been diving into any cultural experience I can get my hands on. I’ve been watching movies set in Italy and cooking shows all about France. I’ve been buying cookbooks full of Spanish masterpieces for me to try and serve at home. I’ve even been re-learning how to salsa.

One sense I haven’t tickled, however, is smell. But now, given the new list of Scent Australia Home‘s destination collection, I’m going to have to.

With over 300 scents, we’re spoilt for choice. The collection of home room sprays might not be your usual type, but instead, are a unique creation that provides a window of escapism to our favourite memories.

With smells ranging from New York, to the Amalfi coast, to your favourite Whisky Bar, these scented oils will transport you to someplace you’d rather be. Which sounds pretty great, right about now.

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