Send My Warmest Regards to the Person Behind These Schitt's Creek Halloween Decorations

Todd Cameron / @theschittstributeband

Even if “the world is falling apart” and you’re “dying inside” like Moira Rose once dramatically claimed, you’ll get a kick out of the way Todd Cameron decorated his yard for Halloween this year. A dad who resides in British Columbia, Canada, Todd celebrated his love for Schitt’s Creek by displaying not one but two spooky Rose family dopplegangers on his front lawn. Situated among a smattering of ghosts and pumpkins is a life-size skeleton propped up on a bench, clutching to a pitchfork, and wearing sunglasses and a black hooded getup. As any fan of the sitcom knows, this is a nod to David Rose’s brief stay with Amish farmers when he runs away from Schitt’s Creek. Todd even plopped a spider on the skeleton’s lap to reference the “there’s a bug on your dress” line – so genius!

Meanwhile, a few yards behind the skeletal David Rose and suspended in a small tree is the scarecrow version of Dr. Clara Mandrake, aka Moira Rose’s character from The Crows Have Eyes III: The Crowening. With its arms spread wide, the figure is donning quite the disheveled wig and a white buttondown shirt adorned with black feathers. Paying close attention to detail, Todd also painted the nose and fingertips black to really complete the transformation.

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After coming across Todd’s totally-not-schitty Halloween decorations on Instagram, we bonded over a mutual obsession with all things Schitt’s Creek. He loves the series so much, in fact, that he heads up a tribute band dedicated to the show and went viral earlier this year for creating a glorious stop-motion music video for “A Little Bit Alexis” using Fisher-Price toys. “The show starts off just being incredibly funny, and then this very lovely emotional journey takes place as the characters develop and learn what really matters in life,” Todd told me. “It’s the only show that consistently makes me not only laugh out loud but also often shed a happy tear or two.” You’re not alone on that one, Todd!

Furthermore, as a Canadian, he said it’s been “unbelievably cool” to see the “small-budget” show receive critical acclaim outside of Canada and sweep the Emmys this year. And it sounds like his fellow Canadians are certainly getting a kick out of his Halloween display. “I heard a couple of young women walking by say ‘Ew, David,’ and a random person driving by slowed down and yelled out ‘The Crowening!'” Todd added. As far as I’m concerned, it’s completely acceptable to keep these decorations up all year round. Take an up-close look at the easy-to-DIY figures ahead, and then head over to Todd’s YouTube channel to check out his hilarious Halloween movie-themed Schitt’s Creek videos.

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