Cosmos, Manolos and Cupcakes: 15 Things Sex and the City Made Famous


Everyone’s experience with Sex and the City is different, but there are some things that have had an undeniable impact on fashion, beauty, food and societal trends.

Not only was SATC able to have an impact back in the late ’90s and early ’00s when it aired, but many of the trends and life lessons are still relevant to the choices we make today.

I for one, still believe in A Women’s Right To Shoes and have a strange attachment to drinking a Cosmopolitan when I’m at a fancy bar by myself, not to mention the empowerment I feel when I think of Samantha Jones and her sex-positive antics.

For those super-fans of the show, I think we all carry around a bit of Sex and the City with us, and we’ve already seen that the reboot will be full of these trends being re-lived in today’s world.

We can only hope that Carrie is as iconic and dishevelled as she’s always been.

But for now, here are 15 things that Sex and the City made famous.

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