Here’s How to Experience Sexual Pleasure, No Matter What Time of Month it Is

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We all get horny on our periods. It’s just a thing that happens, and it’s totally normal and okay.

Some of us may feel satisfied engaging in our own self-pleasure, others might feel comfortable talking to a lover or partner about having sex on their period, and some might find it hard to talk about.

Whatever your relationship with sex and your period, you deserve to feel sexual pleasure, regardless of the time of the month.

Leaders of the period panties industry, Modibodi, have put together a list of things that are really great about feeling sexual pleasure while on your period — proving that it’s worth getting past any stigmas, and following your desires, no matter where in your cycle you are.

Orgasmic Pain Relief 

Experiencing orgasms on your period can be beneficial for so many reasons, including pain relief! The increase of blood flow to the pelvis, the contracting and releasing of pelvic floor muscles, cervix and uterine wall; and the influx of happy hormones and dopamine helps to naturally relieve period pain

Embrace the Period Lube

We all know lube makes pleasure and penetration a lot smoother, so think of period blood as some extra natural lubrication. 

Slow Down During Self-Pleasure

Slowing down your breathing, your pelvic movement and your self-pleasure will enhance your orgasm! This is also key during a time when your cervix is extra sensitive. 

Let Go of the ‘Ick’

It’s time to let go of the ‘ick’ around periods and embrace our bodily fluids for the natural, human and miraculous function they represent.    

Cry-Gasms and Communication

Communicating your needs before, during and after is essential for a beautiful experience during your bleed time. If you’re having sex on your period, it’s best to do with someone with whom you feel totally safe because when we are bleeding, we are at our most sensitive and vulnerable, thus emotions may arise during intimacy. 

The Simpler the Better

There’s no need to stress about that dash to the bathroom to remove any disposable period products before getting intimate. Modibodi‘s leak-proof underwear can easily slip on and off, keeping you in the moment with your chosen partner, or solo. You can shop their Sensual Collection of period panties here.

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