We’re Getting to the Bottom of Why the Flip to a Flip Phone Is Worth It

With 90s-era fashion — think cardigans, biker shorts and tight crop tops — having a moment, it only makes sense that the nostalgia for the decade would seep into the tech world, too. Specifically, with the resurgence of flip phones.

First introduced in 1996, flip phones were all the rage in the late ’90s and early 2000s, with nearly every paparazzi-followed celeb seen carrying one — and me in high school, dramatically slamming it shut after every call, trying to draw attention to the fact I had one too.

Fast forward to today, and they’re now making a comeback — in a big way.

One company leading the trend is Samsung. Alongside the release of its Watch5, Watch5 Pro and Buds2 Pro, on September 2, its latest flip phone models became available in Australia. That’s the Z Flip4, which most closely resembles the traditional flip phone, and the Z Fold4, which folds vertically and opens like a book.

Ahead, we look at why you should consider flipping to a flip phone or, if you’re an early adopter of the flip phone comeback trend, why to consider an upgrade to either of these new models.

They’re Now Cutting-Edge

Samsung flip phones have officially entered the mainstream. Having been around for a few years now, their designers have had the time to listen and learn about what consumers want — and don’t want — in the design and features, and then to perfect that.

The result? Samsung’s Z Fold4 is basically a smartphone and a tablet in one, letting you easily switch between apps like Instagram, YouTube and Amazon Prime Video so you can be super productive at all times. It has five cameras and two screens; oh, and it can fit into almost any pocket. The updated model is also shorter and its hinge thinner than previous versions, which makes the outside screen even wider.

Meanwhile, the Z Flip4 has three cameras — a wide camera, an ultra-wide camera and a selfie camera — you can even take selfies using the cover display as a viewfinder. Like the Z Fold4, the camera has a Nightography feature that’ll give you great quality images in low light and helps you capture what the eye can’t see.

All this while still giving you the satisfaction of hearing that satisfying flip phone closing click.

You Can Use Them Hands-Free

Short-form video content isn’t going anywhere anytime soon so, if you haven’t already, it’s probably time you embrace it. Whether you’re trying to become TikTok famous or simply wanting to experiment with Instagram Reels, you’ll soon realise the need for a tripod — or something else that’ll hold your phone up for you as you film.

With a flip phone — specifically, the Z Flip 4 — you can open the phone and prop it onto different surfaces to film or take a photo, hands-free. Pretty handy!

They’re Designed with Sustainability in Mind

Finally, like many other consumers, you’re probably getting more curious about what the companies you’re buying from are doing for the environment and what impact the specific products you’re buying from them are having on it.

Buying a flip phone from Samsung can help give you that piece of mind. Since announcing its Galaxy for the Planet vision in August 2021, the brand has worked hard to create new ways to recycle and repurpose resources that would’ve otherwise been harmful waste.

Case in point: the new Samsung Galaxy Z series range, Watch5, Watch5 Pro and Buds2 Pro were all designed with elements partially made from ocean-bound plastics and recycled materials — some stemming from repurposed fishing nets, or ghost nets — that could’ve otherwise ended up in the ocean. The brand offers trade-in and recycling schemes for old devices.

Samsung’s devices are all made to last for years, with long battery life and durable hardware, so you’ll be holding onto your phone for a long time — which your wallet will thank you for, too.

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