This New Moon in Aries Bath Ritual Will Open New Doors

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The new moon in Aries will be the first new moon of the spring, and like the turn of the season, we are awakening after the winter. As the flowers bloom and the leaves on the trees begin to glow green again, we too go through a spiritual transition of renewal during this time. Under this new moon, allow yourself to be vulnerable and let your deepest desires rise to the surface of your heart. The lunar energy will magnify your new moon wishes. Divine patterns will begin to form over the next six months until the full moon is in the same zodiac sign.

If you plan to work with the power of the new moon, it’s a good idea to have an area of focus when creating your wish list. Each zodiac sign offers unique characteristics and areas of life to consider when setting intentions on what you desire. The Aries new moon is a great opportunity to wish for new beginnings, courage, and independence. Since we all embody the 12 zodiac signs in our astrological chart, the traits of each one resonate in our lives in different ways.

Pair your wish list with a spiritual baño, containing herbs, crystals, essential oils, flowers, and more that are specific to the zodiac sign coinciding with the new moon, and watch your dreams come true!

When Is the 2022 New Moon in Aries?

The new moon in Aries peaks on Friday, April 1. The energy of the moon is strongest at peak but is also available for a day or two after. So, schedule some time for self-love under the new moon for the night or the weekend.

What Is the 2022 New Moon in Aries’s Meaning?

Aries is about new beginnings, self-focus, and discovery. This fire sign’s energy offers the space for creation without fear. But be sure to ease back and focus before moving forward because Aries can sometimes be too headstrong and even err on the side of reckless and immature. The first zodiac sign is ruled by Mars, the planet of action, passion, and desires, which is also characterised by war, aggression, and assertiveness. So, finding a balance when working with this explosive energy is important because Aries also embodies the innocence of a lamb.

When thinking about what you want to wish for during the new moon in Aries, remember to feed the fire and the lamb. Aries rules the self, so if your lamb is smothering the fire within, consider wishing to be more assertive in your life by setting healthy boundaries. Aries also rules self-discovery, so you can wish for more exploration in your life and the opportunity to meet and connect with like-minded souls. Our warrior nature is another area ruled by Aries. If you need to ignite the warrior flame within yourself, wish to be filled with courage, boldness, and strength. This roaring fire will help you be more confident and love yourself more, so you can be unapologetically you.

What Is a Spiritual Prayer?

Spiritual prayers are personal conversations with a higher power, stating things like what you need, what you’re grateful for, and who you’d like to help.

What Is the Spiritual Cleansing Prayer to Say in the 2022 New Moon in Aries?

Under the new moon in Aries, I pray for the courage to be authentically myself and shed the need to conform to others to feel accepted. I call on the fire and the lamb of Aries so that I may lead a more balanced life.

What Tarot Card Goes Well With the New Moon in Aries?

The Emperor: A natural-born leader who has a pioneer spirit, is not afraid of a little danger, and is extremely loyal and confident.

Spiritual Bath Recipe For the New Moon in Aries Baño


Sage and/or palo santo

Geranium and/or nettles

Mandarin, black pepper, or orange essential oil

Agua de Florida

Agua de Ruda

Honeysuckle and thistle flowers


1. Cleanse your ritual space by first burning sage and allowing the smoke to waft around the bathroom, the hall, and even your kitchen where you’ll prepare your herbs.

2. Follow that by burning palo santo and cover the same space. As the smoke from the sage and palo santo float around the space, thank the sacred tools Mother Nature gifts us, and ask that your space be cleansed of any negative or stagnant energy so you can receive all the spiritual goodness your new moon baño will provide.

3. Prepare your herbs by placing them in a big pot of clean water and simmer for 10-15 minutes. Remove from the heat, strain, and set the hot herb-infused water aside.

4. Fill the bathtub with warm water, allowing your hands to glide through the water as you say your spiritual prayer, set your intentions, and speak your wishes out to the universe.

5. Add 1-3 splashes of rue water and several splashes of Agua de Florida.

6. Add several drops of essential oil.

7. After the pot of herbal water has cooled to your desired temperature, add your flowers to the pot and mix with your hand, stating your spiritual prayer, setting your intentions, and speaking your wishes out to the Universe again.

8. Smile and feel love filling up your space as you add the pot of water to your bathwater.

9. Mix it with your hands before slowly getting into the bath and submerging your body in this highly energised spiritual baño.

10. Soak for 20-40 minutes. Air-dry or dry off with a white towel. Sleep with loose, comfy clothing, or nothing at all.

Sweet dreams!

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