This New Moon in Capricorn Supermoon Baño Will Prepare You For the New Year

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Amid the chaos and busyness of the holiday season, the New Moon in Capricorn arrives just in time to add some structure to your life as we head into the New Year. The last Cap New Moon was way back on Jan. 2, kicking off 2022 with practicality, organization, and the formation of plans. Since new moons are all about manifesting your dreams and setting intentions around what you are wishing for, the Cap new moon couldn’t come at a better time to get your ducks in order before 2023 begins. When you set your intentions under this new moon, you can expect to see things coming to fruition around July 3 when the full moon in Capricorn peaks.

If that wasn’t already great, add on that this new moon is a supermoon, which amplifies the energy and puts fuel to the things you want to ignite in your life. Think big! Be inventive and innovative. Don’t shy away from the things that have been calling you. Now is the time to write it down, speak it out loud, pray on it, sing, and joyously embrace the creator within yourself and the power of cocreation with the Spirit.

With the Cap new moon kicking off and ending 2022, you can think of this year as the year of planning. When we get to the start of 2023, it’s go time! It’s time to see your full potential, and what better sign to help you achieve this than the go-getter, goal-oriented spirit of Capricorn, an earth sign that keeps you grounded, stable, and practical?

When Is the 2022 New Moon in Capricorn?

The new moon in Capricorn peaks on Dec. 23 at 5:16 a.m. EST. Feel free to do your Cap new moon ritual the night before, the day of, or the day after as the energy of this supermoon will be present throughout.

What Is the Meaning of the 2022 New Moon in Capricorn?

While 2022 was about setting goals, the Dec. 23 new moon will help you reach those goals in the new year, or, if you’re lucky, you may even begin seeing things coming to life before the end of this year. During the Cap new moon, you can wish for things around future security, handling responsibilities, success and recognition, management skills, authority figures, and releasing controlling tendencies. For example, Capricorn rules responsibility, so you could wish to keep commitments if you are flaking in that area of your life. You can also wish for more self-discipline as well as confidence in successfully reaching your goals.

Capricorn also rules success. So wish upon a new moon that all your dreams will come true, and any anxiety around it can fade away. Remember that you are the star of your life! Don’t ever dim that shine for anyone or anything. If you want to heal your relationship with your father or a father figure in your life, this is a great new moon to work with. Capricorn rules authority, which includes fathers. So wish for a more constructive relationship with your father that doesn’t deny your own self-identity. This also pertains to authority figures at work.

When it comes to our physical body, Cap rules restoring health in the bones and joints, knees, skin, and gall bladder. If you have dealt with gallstones or arthritis, wish upon the new moon in Capricorn to fully restore your health specific to those issues.

What Is the Spiritual Cleansing Prayer to Say During December’s New Moon in Capricorn?

Great Spirit, under the new moon in Capricorn, may I feel the power of creating my life strongly. Remind me that I am Divine and that with your support, I can walk any path I choose in this life. I am ready for the next phase of my journey. I am ready to see my goals come to fruition. Thank you, thank you, thank you. So be it.

What Tarot Card Goes Well With the New Moon in Capricorn?

The Devil – Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of wisdom, discipline, and karma. This planet pushes us to grow and set aside limiting beliefs. The Devil is the one that temps us and challenges our willpower. So the growth is exponential if you don’t give in to distractions.

What Chakra Goes With the New Moon in Capricorn?

Root Chakra – The chakra that keeps us grounded and rooted in our physical life. Represented by the color red, the root chakra, when balanced, provides us with a sense of security and safety in our life.

Spiritual-Bath Recipe For the New-Moon-in-Capricorn Baño


  • Sea salt and pink Himalayan salt
  • Sage and Palo Santo
  • Red candle
  • Florida Water
  • Chamomile, rosemary, and cinnamon herbs
  • Frankincense, lemon, sandalwood, and cedarwood essential oils
  • Carnations, Capricorn’s birth flower
  • Red garnet, red jasper, and malachite crystals


  1. Begin by spiritually cleansing your space by burning sage followed by Palo Santo. As the smoke wafts around your room, give thanks and begin setting your intentions for why you’re doing this Cap new moon baño ritual.
  2. Next, run warm water in your bathtub (you can also do this as a foot soak or shower scrub). Pour 1 to 2 cups of sea salt and 1/2 cup of pink Himalayan salt into the water and mix with your hands. Continue setting your intention. Think of it as having a conversation with the Universe before you soak. Also, water has memory, so whatever you speak into it will hold. So choose your words carefully and remain positive.
  3. Add several drops of your choice of essential oils and a few splashes of Florida Water. Mix in with your hands.
  4. Add a few handfuls of your chosen herbs, and then cover the top of the water with carnations. (Buy organic flowers if you can so they do not contain pesticides.) You can also display the flowers in a vase if you don’t wish to add them to your bath.
  5. Light your red candle and place crystals around it for a small new moon in Cap altar, which reinforces your wishes. Place the altar in your bathroom where you can see it as you soak. You can even write down 10 wishes on a piece of paper before your baño and place it under your candle as you soak.

As you soak, think about all the things you’ve been planning and state that you’re now ready to bring them to life in full color. Happy manifesting!

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