This New-Moon-in-Libra Baño Can Help Manifest Marriage

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The new moon in the charming sign of Libra is upon us, and with it comes the opportunity to find balance and harmony in our lives, and more specifically in marriage. It’s something we could all benefit from, especially since we’re in the depths of Mercury retrograde, which began Sept. 9 and can cause wonkiness in communication, travel, and technology. So, it’s especially important to remain grounded and balanced during this time.

When we enter the new moon phase of the lunar cycle, we can set our intentions and wishes around the things we want to manifest in our lives. Keep a close eye on the things that begin to manifest over the next six months until the full moon in the same zodiac sign. For example, the full moon in Libra will be on April 6, 2023. So, make a wish on the Libra new moon and trust that the universe is aligning things in just the right way. That does not mean the road ahead will be smooth. In fact, the journey is often nebulous as we work through our traumas and heal. But it’s well worth it to live the life of your dreams and reclaim your power.

By writing, reciting, and singing our intentions, we activate that which we want to manifest. Pair that with a spiritual baño to really amp up the magic.

If marriage is something you desire, the Libra new moon is a great time to make that wish. Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet that governs love, beauty, and money. So, don’t be shy about stating what you want in the areas of love, harmony, teamwork, negotiation skills, and healing codependency.

When Is the 2022 New Moon in Libra?

The new moon in Libra peaks at 5:55 p.m. ET on Sept. 25. You won’t see this moon in the sky, but rest assured the energy is potent and available to you. Trust that there is magic in the things we can’t see with our two eyes.

What Is the Meaning of the 2022 New Moon in Libra?

Libra is represented by scales, symbolising the need for balance, harmony, and justice in our lives. Because the seventh zodiac sign is a cardinal sign, Libras are great for launching new initiatives. So, what better time to set those intentions than under the Libra new moon?

The newness you want to bring into your life can revolve around things like marriage since Libra rules that area of our lives, including partnerships, agreements, and sharing. So, whether you want to get married to the love of your life or renew an existing marriage, making wishes to inspire happiness in this kind of intimate union during the Libra new moon is powerful.

Libra rules fairness, so if you feel the need for balance and equality in your life or to appreciate the opposing viewpoints of others more, you can set intentions around those things under the September new moon as well.

If you desire more peace and beauty in your world, you can wish for that during the Libra new moon because this air sign rules harmony. Bring that joy into your home by adding colourful notes throughout the art and decorations you choose to adorn your space. It could be as simple as incorporating beauty by buying yourself a fresh bouquet of flowers every week. Their bright airiness will uplift not only your space but you, too! Our floral companions can absolutely bring beauty out from within us.

Libra also rules the skin, the largest organ in the human body. So, lather up with your favourite body butter or oil following your baño. Or, better yet, have your partner lovingly apply it to your body to honour your skin and inner beauty.

What Is the Spirit-Cleansing Prayer to Say During September’s New Moon in Libra?

“Dear God, under the Libra new moon, I pray for a healthy, loving relationship filled with respect and equality. I set the intention to align with my life partner as I continue to heal within. I deserve love and have lots of love to give. God, bring me my person. I am ready. Thank you, thank you, thank you. So be it.”

What Tarot Card Goes Well With the New Moon in Libra?

Justice: the tarot card of Libra embodies truth, fairness, morals, and our human rights.

What Chakra Goes With the New Moon in Libra?

Heart: Libras get to the heart of the matter, and when this chakra is balanced, it’s a source of emotional healing.

Spiritual-Bath Recipe For the New Moon in Libra Baño


– Basil, rose, thyme, or bay leaves

– Rose quartz, garnet, and agate crystals

– Chamomile or geranium essential oils

– Epsom and pink himalayan salt

– Sage and palo santo

– Florida Water and rose water

– Roses of any color, but red if you are specifically manifesting love or marriage or repairing a romantic relationship


1. Begin by making the preparation of your ritual baño intentional from the start. Go out and buy yourself a beautiful bouquet of roses. Splurge if you can! Connect to the beauty of the flowers by holding the bouquet close to you as you head home. Then find the perfect spot to place them in a vase somewhere in your home where they’re easily seen. You can even split up the bouquet and place half in a vase and use the petals from the other half to add to your baño. (Tip: rubbing soft rose petals against your skin promotes feelings of joy and elation.)

2. Energetically cleanse your space by first burning sage and allowing the smoke to waft throughout, thanking it every step of the way. Follow that by doing the same thing with palo santo. Don’t forget that you are a part of that space, so cleanse your energy, too!

3. Fill your bathtub with warm water and add several splashes of Florida Water. Thank the spiritual cologne for its cleansing and purifying properties. Repeat with the rose water.

4. Add 1-2 cups of Epsom salt and 1/2 to 1 cup of pink himalayan salt. Mix the salts into the water with your hands until they dissolve. Pray, sing, and speak to the universe as you do so.

5. Next, add several drops of your essential oil(s) of choice. Again, thank the oils for the magic they add to your baño.

6. Follow with your herbs. You can add handfuls to your warm bath water or, for easier cleanup, simmer the herbs in a big pot of water for about 10 mins, allow the water to cool, strain the herbs, and add the herb water to your baño.

7. Place your crystals around your bathtub, or you can intuitively create a crystal grid somewhere nearby like on the floor near the tub (somewhere safe where you won’t step on it when you get out) or place it on the sink or a shelf. Light a candle, and place it by the grid.

8. Finally, if you saved half of your bouquet, you can now add those beautiful soft petals to cover the top of your baño water.

It’s important to remember that this is a ritual baño intended to cleanse your energy and create space for manifesting. So, take things slow as you prepare this magical moment for yourself. Be present throughout the process, from buying your ingredients to creating the recipe to submerging in the baño. This time is meant for you! Enjoy.

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