A Strawberry Moon Is Happening in June and It’ll Inspire Productivity

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In 2021, there’s been a pink supermoon, a flower moon, a blood supermoon and a lunar eclipse — with those last three occurring on the same night in May for a special celestial event. And now, a strawberry moon is happening on June 25. While it might not be quite as spectacular as the recent lunar eclipse, the energy around this moon is particularly positive.

The June full moon is known as the strawberry moon and, according to timeanddate.com is named after the wild strawberries that begin to ripen during this month in the Northern Hemisphere summer. While we’ll be firmly in winter at this point in Australia, it’s nice to think about sweet summer fruit as we experience this full moon.

As for the energy you can expect from this moon, it’s going to be pretty positive as it’s taking place in the hardworking sign of Capricorn. According to Bustle, expect your productivity levels to rise, making this a perfect time to focus on your career and job. Towards the end of the month, make sure to focus your energy on your current projects and you’ll soon be reaping the benefits.

As well as shining a positive light on your career, this full moon might also bring with it some intense emotions. If you’re feeling like you’re on a bit of a rollercoaster with the number of emotions or vulnerabilities you’re experiencing, try to tap into what is causing this and how you can distance yourself from the emotional moon energy.

On the flip side, according to Bustle, you might also feel much more social come June. While the first month of winter usually signals the time to bunker down and hibernate from social activities, if you’re feeling like spending increased time with your family and friends, lean into this. Take advantage of this energy and use it to pay attention to your relationships.

This moon will take place at 4:39am on June 25, just a few days after the end of Mercury retrograde. Use this full moon to shake off the energy of the previous retrograde period and tap into your emotions while also putting your focus on your friends, family and work.

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