How Content Creators Starr And Domskii Stay Sun Safe


There’s nothing more nourishing to the soul than a long walk — whether it’s with a mate, on your own or in a group! Especially now that the weather is warm and the blue skies are so inviting. Only problem is — long walks usually mean a prolonged period of time in the sun.

We’ve turned to two of our favourite creators to give us some tips on how they protect their skin when they’re out and about embracing our beautiful Australian weather — the relatable and hilarious Starr, and always immaculate Domskii.

SunSafe Outfits To Slay Your Hot Girl Walk With Starr

We absolutely love Starr’s style, and she was gracious enough to share three of her favourite SunSafe hot girl walk outfits.

For her morning walks, she wears a lightweight long-sleeved top to go over her workout set and protect her skin from the sun. Then she slides on some stylish sunnies she mentioned she picked up at the op-shop. We love a sustainable slay. Finally, she threw on a bucket hat that had a wide enough brim to cover her face, neck and ears. And she was all set! We love this look.

For her next look, Starr threw on a summer maxi, paired with a gorgeous textured button-up — presenting us with a look perfect for a long walk followed by brunch by the ocean. She topped it off with a wide-brim straw hat, sunnies and an adorable shoulder bag we definitely need in our wardrobe rotation.

Her final look is the perfect ensemble for a dip — in the pool or the ocean. She started with a long-sleeved swimsuit in an eccentric pattern, in a pink hue that looked stunning against her natural skin-tone. Then, she layered the look with a solid white sarong. The piece added a little more to the silhouette of the look and she followed by applying sunscreen to her legs to further protect her skin. She completed the look with the adorable straw hat from look two, and of course a trusty pair of sunnies.

These ‘fits are proof that SunSafe looks slay — and nothing beats your natural skin-tone. So embrace it and ensure you’re keeping your skin protected, so that like Starr, your hot girl summer can last ’til you’re 85 too.

A SunSafe Day in The Life With Domskii

If there’s one thing we know Domskii is an expert at, it’s glowing. We had a feeling the sun had nothing to do with it. Turns out we were right! While sharing a day in his life, he also gave us some great tips and tricks for staying SunSafe when enjoying a beautiful day out and about.

Dom’s first tip for staying (and slaying) SunSafe? “You don’t have to be a beauty creator to know that every skincare routine is incomplete without SPF. Or you’re just wasting your time — unless wrinkles are your thing…” And when Dom applies his SPF, he makes sure to cover his face, neck, ears and entire body. A must when you’re heading outdoors.

P.S, when you wear your SPF, be sure to reapply every two hours to keep your skin protected against the sun.

His next tip featured a boxy, lightweight long-sleeved shirt to cover his arms when he’s outside. That way, his skin is protected in the sun. Plus he can switch between two looks depending on the vibe of his destination. The versatility is working overtime.

His look included a super cute bucket hat that covered his neck and ears, a pair of sunnies — and a stroke of genius. An umbrella. Now I remember seeing so many women walking the streets with umbrellas on sunny days, and I’d always wonder why. The answer is also the reason why they always looked so youthful and glowy.

The bright yellow umbrella Dom pulled to complete the look absolutely nailed his outfit’s colour palate. It also gave him a great source of portable shade — a necessity when you’re outside for more than a few minutes. Remember, even just 15 minutes unprotected in the sun can start to cause damage to your skin.

At this stage, he stopped to reapply his SPF (a SunSafe icon), then met up with a friend for a cool treat under some shady trees. Sounds like the dream summer day, if you ask me.

He ended his day reiterating that “Nothing beats embracing your natural skin tone.” He followed with, “to stay looking hot, I avoid exposing myself to UV without protection. ‘Cause I don’t want to get wrinkles and age spots. And that’s exactly why I make sure to protect my skin.”

So there you have it! Domskii and Starr’s tips for slaying SunSafe when you venture out. Remember, there’s nothing attractive or healthy about a suntan. Embracing your natural skin-tone and protecting your skin from the harmful effects of the sun is how you can ensure your hot girl summer lasts as long as you want it to.

Learn more about how to stay SunSafe here.

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