The Ultimate Sun-Safe Guide to Owning Your Summer Style

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Trends come and go, but being sun-safe is the ultimate flex of timeless style

From assembling a trusted collection of accessories to getting clever with innovative make up, this is the ultimate guide to fully owning and embracing your summer style that will safeguard your style credentials for years to come.

Build Your Arsenal of Accessories.

If you speak style, then you know that accessories are the grammar that make the words make sense. Little details can make the biggest impact.

A well curated selection of accessories that you can swap in and out depending on the occasion, your outfit or, let’s be real, the weather will go a long way.

Start your accessories collection with sunnies. Not only should you always keep your peepers protected from harmful UV rays, sunglasses can also completely change the vibe of a look. There’s a reason why your fave celebs and influencers are almost never spotted not sporting a pair of frames — they just lend an air of coolness that no other accessory can replicate. 

Whether you match your sunnies to your outfit or have a trusty pair that shroud you in ‘who is she?’ energy, sunglasses are a staple of a stylish summer season.

Growing and upgrading your collection of hats will also help build your style chops. Just like sunnies, hats can switch up the look and feel of your ‘fit faster than the time it takes to put one on. For a hint of sportiness or to introduce some dad vibes, a broad-rim hat will work wonders; while a bucket hat instantly brings a festival vibe. 

So pick up a range of hats and sunglasses that match your aesthetic — you’ll elevate your look all while covering key parts of sun safety.


Use Sun Protection as Skincare.

What’s the one non-negotiable skincare step dermatologists swear by? Wearing sunscreen everyday. After all, nothing damages skin quite like sun exposure. If it wasn’t so offensive, it would almost be impressive just how powerfully the sun can prematurely age our skin.

This is a step that, in truth, transcends seasons, but is especially important in summer when the UV is extreme.

Great style starts with flawless foundations and having healthy, radiant skin that’s protected against the sun is the ultimate starting block. You probably already have SPF integrated into your skincare routine, but think beyond the boundaries of your face and neck. Be sure to apply sunscreen on all exposed skin and ensure you’re always using something with SPF30 or higher — especially on your lips.

And don’t forget to re-apply as the day goes on. There are so many travel-size options for great high-SPF products, which means topping up your sun protection is easier than ever.


Go All Natural.

And by that we mean: incorporate natural materials and fibres into your style wardrobe. 

Natural fibres such as linen and cotton, as opposed to synthetic materials like polyester and nylon, keep you literally cooler. Instead of exposed skin that runs the risk of crisping up through too much sun exposure, opt for a relaxed overshirt or cover up that embodies effortlessness. 

We can’t think of anything cooler than not overheating and unnecessarily damaging your skin.


Let Your Lips Speak Volumes.

If accessories are the grammar of language, makeup is the punctuation — and there’s nothing quite like a well-chosen lip colour to add an exclamation mark to your summer style. 

The best part is that there no longer needs to be a trade off between style and sun safety. It can be easy to overlook the lips when it comes to applying your skincare, but painful, sunburnt, flaking lips are so not the vibe. With an ever increasing range of lip products, from balms to glosses, tints and everything in between, incorporating SPF30 and over into their formulas, there’s now literally no reason there needs to be any trade off between sun safety and style. 

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