A Super Pink Moon Will Light Up the Night Sky on April 27 – Here’s How to See It

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Mark your calendars, because a super pink moon will debut in the night sky on Tuesday, April 27! This so-called “full pink moon” is one of just a few supermoons this year, and it’s an astronomical sighting you can enjoy no matter where you are in the world. Supermoons happen when the moon passes closest to Earth in its elliptical orbit, meaning it appears bigger to those who see it. While the moon will not actually be pink as the name implies, it will be up to 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than the typical full moon. Named after a type of pink flower that blossoms this time of year (the phlox subulata), this moon will actually feature a warm golden hue instead.

The best time to see the pink moon is on Tuesday night. If you’re not able to catch it then, you’ll still be able to see the moon as it’s rising during sunset and into the rest of the night. If you can typically see the moon from home, you should be able to see this one. And you have a better chance of seeing the moon if you have a clear view of the horizon from your home or if you live in an apartment on a higher floor. If you’re limited to looking out your windows, make sure you know in advance which direction your windows face so you can be prepared to catch moonrise or moonset. East-facing windows will give you moonrise, and west-facing windows will show you moonset.

The pink moon is sure to be a gorgeous sight, and when the stars align like this, you know you have to see it. If you happen to miss this astrological event, don’t worry, because more celestial must-see sightings will grace the night skies this year with the Flower Moon happening on May 26 and the Strawberry Moon on June 24. Looking for more? You can learn about the rest of 2021’s astronomical events right here.

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