50 Baby Names Inspired by Comic Book and Movie Superheroes

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If you’re looking for a name for your little superbaby, look no further than the superheroes that have covered the pages of comic books – and now appear in every other movie on the big screen – for decades. If Wonder Woman and Spider-Man aren’t necessarily your speed, but you’re looking for something strong – and, well, badass – we’ve compiled a list of alter egos and birth names of superheroes that pack a serious punch (or another superpower move).

Superhero Names For Boys

  1. Bishop (Lucas, Bishop, X-Men)
  2. Braddock (Psylocke, X-Men)
  3. Bruce (Batman)
  4. Cain (Batgirl)
  5. Charles (Professor X, X-Men)
  6. Clark (Superman)
  7. Grayson (Robin, Batman)
  8. Hank (Ant-Man)
  9. Jordan (The Green Lantern)
  10. Kal (Superman)
  11. Kent (Superman)
  12. Kyle (Catwoman)
  13. Logan (Wolverine, X-Men)
  14. Max (Magneto, X-Men)
  15. Norrin (Silver Surfer)
  16. Oliver (The Green Arrow)
  17. Parker (Spider-Man)
  18. Peter (Spider-Man)
  19. Reed (Mr. Fantastic)
  20. Steve (Captain America)
  21. Tony (Iron Man)
  22. Wade (Deadpool)
  23. Walker (Black Scorpion)
  24. Wayne (Batman)
  25. Xavier (Professor X, X-Men)

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Superhero Names For Girls

  1. Aurora (X-Men)
  2. Barbara (Batgirl)
  3. Britt (Green Hornet)
  4. Cassandra (Batgirl)
  5. Darcy (Black Scorpion)
  6. Diana (Wonder Woman)
  7. Elektra (Daredevil)
  8. Grey (Jean Grey, X-Men)
  9. Harley (Suicide Squad)
  10. Ivy (Poison Ivy)
  11. Jaime (Bionic Woman)
  12. Jane (MJ Watson, Spiderman)
  13. Jean (Jean Grey, X-Men)
  14. Jessica (Spider-Woman)
  15. Jubilee (X-Men)
  16. Kara (Supergirl)
  17. Lorna (Polaris, X-Men)
  18. Marie (Rogue, X-Men)
  19. Natasha (Black Widow)
  20. Raven (Mystique, X-Men)
  21. Remy (Gambit, X-Men)
  22. Scarlet (Scarlet Witch)
  23. Selina (Catwoman)
  24. Storm (X-Men)
  25. Summer (Cyclops, X-Men)


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