These Phone Cases Are Cute AF and 100% Compostable

Courtesy of CASETiFY

The phone case makes the phone. I mean, really, even if your phone is old and cracked, a cute phone case can make it look spunky and fresh.

Phone cases are also something that are easily forgotten about. Only the other day, I realised that I haven’t refreshed my phone case in over two years and safe to say, it’s looking pretty sad.

But one huge debaucle that comes with constantly changing iPhone cases is that so many of the affordable ones are made with plastic, which isn’t sustainable.

Luckily, some affordable and cute brands are going green. CASETiFY has launched a range of Ultra Compostible Cases, which are made
with 100% compostable, plant-based material ecotify, CASETiFY’s trademark proprietary blend of biopolymers, starch, and bamboo grain.

Even the packaging the case comes in is 100% sustainable, made from eco-friendly, non-toxic ink made from soybeans.

The cases are available in seven colours, completely customisable with personalisation and cute prints.

You can tell a lot about a person by their phone case, and these phone cases embody who we’re trying to be, as sustainably conscious, financially secure and super cute independent gals.

Each compostable and biodegradable phone case breaks down into carbon dioxide, water, and other naturally occurring minerals that seamlessly mix back into the earth with no toxins left behind.

“At CASETiFY, we believe that what you put into the world is just as important as what you take out of it,” said Wesley Ng, CEO and Co-founder, CASETiFY.

“The Ultra Compostable Case offers the very best in Earth-friendly materials, while delivering the best way to protect your
device and style it to your personal taste.”

To date, CASETiFY’s sustainability efforts have resulted in 50,000 trees planted as part of a partnership with’s Canopy Project, in addition to 5,000 single-use water bottles avoided, 46,000 pounds of plastic recycled and 5,000 cases recycled.

Courtesy of CASETiFY

So basically, we’re saying it’s time to upgrade your phone case, babe. And also to remind you that’s it’s not hard to be sustainable and cute AF.

You can find the whole range of CASTiFY’S Ultra Compostable Cases here.

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