Orgasm Guilt-Free With These 6 Ways to Have Eco-Friendly Sex

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Your sexual pleasure could actually be having a bigger impact on the environment than you know. The UN Population Fund estimated around 10 billion male latex condoms are manufactured each year and most are disposed of in landfills, due to the fact that most condoms are made from synthetic latex and use additives and chemicals. In other words, they can’t be recycled.

And while those materials are definitely not great for the environment, they’re not good for our bodies either. Thankfully, as we’re becoming way more aware of our impact on the environment, natural, ethically-made sexual wellness products are on the rise.

So, how to make your sex more sustainable? Ahead are six ways to start today.

Avoid Shower Sex

Shower sex might be super sexy, but it can be a total waste of water. While your usual shower might go for five minutes, if you’re getting it on with your bae under the running water, chances are you’ll lose track of time and keep it on for much longer.

Average showerheads can use anywhere between 15-20 litres per minute, which means that a 15-minute shower will use approximately 300 litres of water! Not only is that just a lot of water wasted (simply being used as a sexy effect), but it’s also a sure way to hike up your water bill pretty quickly.

But don’t worry, I’m not going to totally burst your bubble. As a fan of shower sex myself, there are ways around this dilemma.

Save shower sex for a summer treat. That way, you can start to get sexy in the water, and then when you’re well and truly wet (in more ways than one), you can turn the shower head off, but stay in the shower for all the fun stuff to ensue. You still get to have your steamy shower sex, just minus the water wastage. Win-win!

Wear Ethically-Made Lingerie

If you aren’t already buying ethically made lingerie — take this as your sign. Not only is it more comfortable; using soft, organic and natural materials, but it’s also much better for the environment.

Wearing sexy lingerie is definitely an element of feeling yourself, whether it’s in sex with a partner or just for yourself. Luckily, there are heaps of brands that make cute AF lingerie from ethical materials and sustainably packaged.

One of our faves is ChouChou Intimates. Pretty much every single set is cute to boot, but this Bettie Bralette and G-String Set ($89.25) is extra adorable.

Ditch the Pill

Yes, the contraceptive pill is actually not very environmentally-friendly. Just think about it: you’re taking one every day. You go through a packet every couple of weeks. The packaging ends up in landfills. And if the majority of the female population is on some form of contraception, and the pill is one of the most common forms, then what must that mean for our landfills?

Contraception is super important, and finding one that works for you is a real journey. However, it might be worth seeing if the IUD could work for you. Not only does it use fewer hormones — which might actually be better for your body in the long-run — but they’re long term and have significantly less waste.

Use Eco-Friendly Condoms and Lube

Did you know that heaps of lubes are petroleum-based, and therefore contain fossil fuels? Pretty wild.

Make sure the lube you buy is water-based and uses natural ingredients, like Melbourne-made brand FIGR — the best sustainable lube you’ll find locally. Buy yourself some here.

Condoms are a little trickier. Sustainable and vegan condoms are a more ethical option, however, they’re more likely to break. It’s 2022 and we know that we can’t rely on just a condom to protect us from an STD or getting pregnant, so they don’t necessarily need to be fool-proof. So, go organic! These Get Frenchie vegan condoms ($22) are a great option.

Invest in Rechargeable Sex Toys

Sex toys are another area where the use of plastic is really prevalent. As long as we make sure that our sex toys have a long shelf-life and are made with sustainable materials, then we’re doing okay. Companies like Normal, Frenchie and LBDO make great toys from sustainable materials, while companies like Lovehoney offer a sex toy amnesty where they assist in recycling old and broken toys that cannot go through typical recycling routes.

There are also a few solar-powered sex toys on the market overseas that are likely to hit the Australian market soon. Watch this space.

Buy Sustainable Bedding

What’s sexier than a clean pair of soft, silky sheets?

Sustainable bedding is a no-brainer. It’s better quality, softer to the touch, has much more longevity and honestly, just looks really great. There are endless companies that make gorgeous sustainable bedding, like The Sheet Society, Bed Threads, I Love Linen and Ettitude — just to name a few.

Deck your bed out with some ethically-made bedding from one of these brands, and we guarantee it’ll be a struggle to get you (and your lover) out of the bedroom.

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