Bruja Tarotscope: Your February 2022 Reading Revealed

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We are back with your monthly insight of what tarot has in store for your zodiac horoscope. In brujería, divination tools are used to better connect with our intuition, spirits and energy. Tarot, is a common divination tool used by witches or oracle readers to gather information and unlock spiritual storytelling. Tarot and astrology are both esoteric teachings that many brujas and spiritualists work with to tap into higher knowledge. Tarotscopes help us forecast the energies working against us along with the energies available for us to bring forth the intentions we are seeking to manifest. Tarotscopes aren’t the answer to all our problems and work best when we co-create through our behaviours. Amplify your February Tarotscopes by creating affirmations and implementing other methods of accountability on your end. Hence Tarotscopes, where we look at the energy coming in for you to unlock based off your different astrology placements such as your sun sign, rising sign and/or moon sign. Read on for your personalised tarot and astrology horoscope reading for this month. Here’s an astro tip: read your sun, rising and moon to gain a holistic view of what’s to come for the month.

Month of February: The High Priestess

The High Priestess card is appearing for all astrology signs for the month of February. In tarot, The High Priestess is the representation of discernment, intellect and intuition. This is a month of inspiration and trusting your inner wisdom. This card also encourages lunar magic and occult practices. Learn to lean into your spiritual gifts this month and trust your gut! No trickery will get past you during this time. Merge the logic of your mind with the magic of your third eye as you navigate confusing situations. The High Priestess is represented by Pisces, which asks us to unlock our hidden creative talents. You’re being encouraged to express your imagination and dream up new opportunities.

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