How TDC Global is Building Tomorrow’s Leaders with the Emerging Leaders Program

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In today’s competitive corporate landscape, how can companies invest in women, so they know their success is a priority and they’re compelled to stay?

TDC Global’s Emerging Leaders Program is designed to do just that. Developed especially for early to mid-career women, the Emerging Leaders Program is the highest rated course for emerging leaders across the Asia Pacific region, helping to forge an equitable path to leadership in the corporate world. 

Why does it matter?

The early to mid-level career stage is the point at which the highest level of drop off occurs for businesses, which savvy organisations should prioritise mitigating for two key reasons. The first being that women’s perspectives contribute to a more inclusive workplace and generally, better business results.

The second being that many organisations invest plenty of money in attracting diverse talent, but in the instance they don’t retain them, often end up much more deeply out of pocket (even two to three times the lost employee’s salary!)

In a world where the gender pay gap still very much exists, it’s immeasurably important for companies to invest in women and their success. The Emerging Leaders Program is designed to develop exceptional performance behaviours and mindsets in all attendees, which are essential for effective leaders and leaders-to-be.

Bridging the gender pay gap isn’t just a matter of compliance — it’s a smart, strategic move for companies in today’s dynamic business environment. Recognising the importance of advancing gender equality, especially with the recent legislation mandating public disclosure of gender pay gaps in Australia, companies need to embrace a comprehensive approach.

In collaboration with ELMO software, TDC Global curated a toolkit tailored for HR professionals and change managers. It’s designed to guide organisations through the intricacies of tackling gender inequality, providing insights into the ethical and legal reasons for closing the pay gap.

TDC Global

Who is it for?

Best suited for women with high career aspirations who are preparing for their first or second leadership role, the program covers an array of modules that focus on building skills in communication, personal branding and emotional intelligence.

The entire experience is also personalised to the needs of each attendee, with a pre-program EQ assessment and a post-program leadership development blueprint tailored to each individual. Not to mention, ongoing access to the networks of like-minded peers established within the program. 

What is the value of these programs?

With options for both in-person and digital sessions, the program spans two days wherein attendees learn skills to grow their leadership capabilities and transition into confident, effective leaders. This is backed by the seventy-eight percent of participants who reported improvements in their confidence and clarity regarding their strengths, values and leadership vision. 

But, don’t take our word for it. Consult the evidence! The Emerging Leaders program boasts that seventy percent of participants secure promotions within six to twelve months of completing the program. And even more tellingly, ninety-five percent of participants reported feeling equipped with the tools to achieve success in leadership. 

In the mentoring session component of the program, participants can even benefit from guidance and insights shared by esteemed industry leaders. Previous mentors include Suzie Nicoletti (CEO of Twitter Australia), Libby Roy (CEO of PayPal Australia) and Jane Huxley (Managing Director of Spotify ANZ). These exceptional leaders serve as a testament to the program’s ability to attract and connect participants with top-notch industry leaders.

And for those who attend, they should take a good look at the people in the room around them over the two day program. Because soon, these women will be leaders and changemakers across a variety of industries, and nothing is more inspiring than rubbing shoulders with the great minds of the future!

What is the impact of these programs?

In the realm of gender equality and leadership development, TDC Global sheds light on the challenges women face in their professional journeys. From enduring pay gaps and limited advancement opportunities to unbalanced representation in decision-making roles, gender disparities exist across regions and income levels.

The middle management phase becomes a pivotal point for women, often coinciding with family-related decisions and exacerbated by the pandemic’s challenges. Despite studies showing equal leadership effectiveness between genders, women still grapple with perceptions of prioritising their family over their careers and face barriers like a lack of mentorship and restricted access to professional networks.

TDC Global responds to the need for gender diversity in leadership, but the rise in backlash against female-only programs prompts a call for a cultural shift. The emphasis moves from a “fix the woman” approach to a systemic change that addresses organisational contexts and practices. The newly introduced Cultivating Allyship program aims to equip leaders with allyship skills, fostering a culture conducive to both individual and collective success by challenging the cultural mindset hindering gender equality.

TDC Global aims to not only advance women’s careers, but also cultivate environments where they can thrive. Check out their website for more info on the program (including pricing options) and get involved! 

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