58 Things You Did at Sleepovers in the Early 2000s

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If you grew up in the early 2000s, you know there’s nothing that can compare to the pure joy and excitement you felt when you heard you were allowed to have a sleepover with your best friends on a treasured Friday night. You knew a wild evening of Mean Girls quoting, MySpace profile updating, and homemade music video creating was about to commence, and just the sheer thought of it made you burst with joy. As you packed for your exciting excursion across the street, you blasted “I’m a Slave 4 U” while you tucked your new Nokia into your backpack. (Hey, who knows? Your crush just might text message you!) You made sure to grab your velour tracksuit so you could match with your friends, and you threw on your bermuda shorts and styled your hair into a side pony just in case your BFF’s cute sibling was home. As you made your way to their house, you could already smell the Easy Mac cooking up in the microwave. Yum. Your night hadn’t even started yet, and you knew it would be one for the books.

If you’re feeling serious nostalgia, then you, too, know how great it was growing up in the early 2000s. From flipping through YM Magazine to showing off your newest Hollister shirt to your besties, having a sleepover back then was cool. beans. Read through the most iconic things that happened at sleepovers in the early 2000s, and try not to cringe when you realize you and your friends still do some of these things to this day . . .

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