This Full-Moon-in-Gemini Limpia Will Help You Speak Your Truth

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As 2022 comes to an end, the astrological events taking place will keep you on your toes. Along with the Gemini full moon and the Capricorn new moon that follows, Mercury goes retrograde on Dec. 29. Mercury is the planet of communication, intellect, and awareness, and it is also the ruling planet of Gemini. This usually means that Geminis are bubbling with new ideas and concepts and that communication with others is key to bringing them to life. However, when Mercury goes retrograde it can create the opposite. Communication can get wonky, and ideas are not clearly laid out. There may be delays in travel, and electronics can go haywire. These minor setbacks may cause the impatience of Gemini to surface. So, tread lightly.

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The good news is that the Gemini full moon takes place before Mercury goes retrograde, so it offers a space of release. Remember that full moons are about letting go, shedding old skin, and creating space. So, during the full moon in Gemini, really take stock of all the things you’ve been holding onto that no longer serve you. It’s a time to go inward and see yourself. What are the patterns that keep reoccurring in your life? What are the things, people, or situations that could be shed to embrace your highest self? How do you show up for yourself and love yourself?

These are all questions you can ask yourself while indulging in a Gemini full moon limpia. The answers will help you to heal and grow and love yourself just a bit more. Be kind to yourself. Gemini is represented by the twins, which symbolizes that there are two sides to every story, and two sides to human nature.

When is the Full Moon in Gemini?

The full moon in Gemini peaks on Dec. 7 at 11:08 pm EST. Now here’s the twist. Mars, which is currently in retrograde, will be in a conjunction with Gemini at 11:19 pm EST. This adds potency to the full moon which really helps to release old versions of yourself that need to be released for growth in the new year.

What Does the 2022 Full Moon in Gemini Mean?

Gemini holds the essence of communication. This air sign is intelligent and curious and makes almost any idea seem possible. Tap into your inner Gemini whether it is your sun, moon, or ascending sign or not. We all possess the traits from all 12 zodiac signs because they all have a placement in our birth chart. So, during the full moon in Gemini, think about all the things you have wanted to say but have held back. Unblock that throat chakra and find the courage to speak your truth, knowing that what you have to say matters.

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Pay close attention to your emotions during this time. Gemini can air on the side of restless, gossipy, and even neurotic if the ideas being communicated aren’t understood or accepted. Take deep breaths to calm your nerves and release tension in your shoulders and arms. All body parts are ruled by Gemini. As you indulge in your spiritual limpia during the Gemini full moon, take deep breaths, filling up your lungs, before releasing. Gemini also rules the lungs. So, with every exhale, really release what needs to go, and embrace the new versions of yourself that are hidden under the layers.

What Is the Spirit-Cleansing Prayer to Say For December’s Full Moon in Gemini?

Great Spirit, allow me to speak my truth and express my ideas with confidence. Give me the strength to know that what I have to say matters, and that communication is key to healthy relationships. Thank you, thank you, thank you. So, be it.

Which Tarot Card Goes Well With the Full Moon in Gemini?

The Lovers – Choices, a dual nature, two sides.

What Chakra Goes Well With the Full Moon in Gemini?

Throat Chakra – Represents everything associated with communication.

Spiritual-Cleansing Limpia Recipe (Full Moon in Gemini)


Sage and palo santo

Pink himalayan salt, epsom salt, and sea salt

Agua de Florida (Florida Water)

Peppermint and basil herbs

Helichrysum flowers

Lavender essential oil

Blue Topaz and/or Clear Quartz crystals

Yellow candle


1.Make sure your space has been cleaned before you begin your ritual. Then spiritually cleanse the space by burning sage and palo santo. As the smoke circulates around your space, allow it to flow around you, too.

2. Add a couple of handfuls of your herbs to a pot of simmering water and simmer for 10-15 mins.

3. Strain the water and add it to a big bowl. Then add ½ a cup of your salts – pink himalayan salt, epsom salt, and sea salt. Mix it together with your hands as you pray and set intentions. Let the limpia cool.

4. Add a few good splashes of agua de Florida and several drops of essential oil.

5. Top your limpia with beautiful Helichrysum flowers.

6. Light a yellow candle, which represents Gemini. Place your crystals near the candle for a Full Moon in Gemini altar in your ritual space.

7. Stand in the shower and pray as the water flows down your body. When you are ready grab your bowl and gently pour the limpia over your body. Continue speaking your intentions and praying. Sing if you’d like to! Your spirit team is listening.

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