100+ This or That Questions to Break the Ice

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Have you been scratching your head for ways to spice up conversations in your life? Perhaps you’re tired of making small talk with new people you meet, or you’re not a fan of “Would You Rather” questions? If you are looking to get out of that rut and need fun conversation starters, look no further than this list of exciting “This or That” questions that are bound to give you insight into your new pals or loved ones. With over 100 questions to ask the different people in your life, this list has funny, serious, and spicy questions that will get everyone to reveal what really matters to them.

This or That Questions For Friends

  1. Never wear makeup again or never do your hair again?
  2. Wear a bra to bed or never wear a bra again?
  3. Live with your best friend for the rest of your life or live alone?
  4. Date your friend’s ex or have them date your ex?
  5. Be stranded on a deserted island together or be stranded on top of a mountain together?
  6. Trade wardrobes or trade hairstyles?
  7. Trade jobs or trade hobbies?
  8. Plan my bachelorette party or plan my bridal shower?
  9. Let me pick out your house or let me plan your wedding?
  10. Share one bedroom or share one bathroom?
  11. Let me name your first child or let me pick out your next pet?
  12. Shop exclusively in person or exclusively online?
  13. Sew your own clothes or make your own skin-care products?
  14. Get a tattoo of my face or let me pick a tattoo for you?
  15. Watch only your favorite movie for the rest of your life or never watch your favorite movie again?
  16. Let me swipe for you on dating apps or let your mom swipe for you on dating apps?
  17. Go camping together or go to the beach together?
  18. Start a book club together or start a cooking club together?
  19. We each shave one of our eyebrows or we each lose one eye’s eyelashes?
  20. Rich partner or smart partner?
  21. Be friends with my worst enemy or let me be friends with your worst enemy?
  22. Be permanently 12 or permanently 70?
  23. Be a fairy or be a mermaid?
  24. Saturday night out or Sunday brunch?
  25. Go to a theme park together or go to a beach resort together?
  26. Pick a new zodiac sign or pick a new birthstone?

This or That Questions For Couples

  1. Live in the city or live in the countryside?
  2. Small wedding and big honeymoon or big wedding and small honeymoon?
  3. Take my last name or your last name?
  4. Marriage or kids?
  5. One big vacation or five road trips?
  6. A day at the beach or a day in the mountains?
  7. Do the cooking every day or do the cleaning every single time something is dirty?
  8. Share a bathroom or share a closet?
  9. Watch nothing but Netflix or nothing but Hulu?
  10. Cuddle once a week or kiss once a week?
  11. PDA all the time or never experience PDA again?
  12. Watch my favorite movie or eat my favorite food?
  13. Have a pet dog or have a pet cat?
  14. Cook together or order takeout?
  15. Work out together or take a nap together?
  16. Go out every day or stay in every day?
  17. Picnic or fancy restaurant?
  18. Go dancing together or do karaoke together?
  19. Have a massive house or have two fancy cars?
  20. Spend the night together in a haunted house or in the woods?
  21. You go through my phone or I go through your phone?
  22. Go to a party or host a party?
  23. Get matching tattoos or matching piercings?
  24. Expensive gift or sentimental gift?
  25. Hugs or kisses?

This or That Questions For Adults

  1. Be in love or be rich?
  2. Only call your partner or only text your partner?
  3. Serious partner or funny partner?
  4. Sex or cuddling?
  5. Wear lingerie or wear comfortable underwear?
  6. Sex on the first date or wait a year to have sex?
  7. Marry your first crush or your most recent ex?
  8. Have sex every day or once a month?
  9. Give birth seven times or never give birth?
  10. Sleep naked or sleep in jeans?
  11. Marry your real-life crush or have sex with your celebrity crush?
  12. Sleep in a separate bedroom from your partner or share a twin bed with your partner?
  13. Marry one of your friend’s siblings or one of your friend’s enemies?
  14. Only have oral sex or only have penetrative sex?
  15. Get married in Vegas or get married at a courthouse?
  16. Never get married but have kids or never have kids but get married?
  17. Be dumped on your birthday or during the holidays?
  18. Have your friend pick your next partner or pick your friend’s next partner?
  19. Own a small house or rent a luxury apartment?
  20. Meet your next partner on an app or meet your next partner at work?
  21. Work from home forever or work in an office forever?
  22. Change jobs every year or stay in the same job for the rest of your life?
  23. Let someone else design your house or let someone else pick your wardrobe?
  24. Work a job you hate forever or marry someone you aren’t attracted to?
  25. Marry your favorite celebrity but stay chaste or never get married and hook up with anyone but that celebrity?

Funny This or That Questions

  1. A hundred mouse-size dogs or one dog-size mouse?
  2. Give up social media for life or give up bread for life?
  3. Never wear shoes again or never wear a shirt again?
  4. Shrink down to be 1 foot tall or grow to be 10 feet tall?
  5. Have one eye or have three eyes?
  6. Deodorant that smells like hamburgers or toothpaste that smells like hotdogs?
  7. Wear a ballgown every day for the rest of your life or wear sweatpants every day for the rest of your life?
  8. Shorts in the winter or pants in the summer?
  9. Lose all of your teeth or lose all of your hair?
  10. Change your name to your favorite food or change your name to your favorite band?
  11. Sleep on a concrete bench or sleep on a muddy floor?
  12. Get everywhere via hot-air balloon or get everywhere via unicycle?
  13. Pants made of cheese or a shirt made of ham?
  14. Never drink alcohol again or never eat dessert again?
  15. Every human but you has a superpower or only you have a superpower?
  16. Only have soup for every meal or only have sandwiches?
  17. Dye your hair green or dye your eyebrows green?
  18. Only wear Crocs or only wear UGGs?
  19. Name your firstborn child “Nipple” or take the last name “Trash”?
  20. Eat only bugs for a day or eat only frogs for a day?
  21. Only wear black for the rest of your life or never wear black again?
  22. Swap your bed with an air mattress or swap your bed with a hammock?
  23. Have a bear as a pet or have an ostrich as a pet?
  24. Eat everything with a spoon or eat everything with a fork?
  25. Wear a mascot costume everywhere or date someone who wears a mascot costume everywhere?
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