Tia Mowry on Her Father's White Privilege: “It Was Very Clear to Me”

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Tia Mowry is sharing her thoughts on white privilege as it pertains to her own family. As a biracial daughter to a Black mother and white father, Tia saw instances in which her father’s inherent privilege was made apparent when juxtaposed with her mother’s experiences. In an Instagram post accompanied by a photo of Tia with sister Tamara and their mother at a 2007 movie premiere, Tia reflects on her Sister, Sister days and what she hopes will come of the current movement toward racial justice.

“Growing up #biracial, mom is black and dad is white, it was very clear to me seeing the #privilege that my dad had as opposed to my #mother,” she wrote. “Some examples, during our #sistersister days when traveling for work we would often fly first class. There were several times my mother was asked if she was in the right seat.”

Tia shared another example from when her family was looking to buy their first house. When Tia walked into a model home with her mother and siblings, her mom was told the houses were sold out. Once her dad walked in behind them, “it was a different story.”

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Although those stories date back to the ’90s, Tia is hoping that change is truly coming over 20 years later. “My #goal is to see #change. This year has been a tough year. Several tears have been shed. However, a friend told me these tears will not be wasted. The #love and #support around the world has kept me going,” she wrote. “A #change is gonna come.”

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