I Worked as a Puppy Trainer, and These Are My Top Tips For Teaching Good Behavior

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When my parents first moved my sister and me to Seattle, they finally caved on the one thing she had wanted for years: a dog. Their worry over whether we would step up to the responsibility of caring for an animal was usurped with the hope that a dog would alleviate some of the sadness of moving away. And it totally worked. In the dedication to our new dog, we found ourselves at puppy training classes that would help us train our new pet and allow him to socialize with other puppies. It was through attending these classes that I suddenly found myself an assistant dog trainer. As someone who had zero natural affinity toward dogs, I was surprised when the instructor asked if I would be interested in assisting with their puppy camp. I was a college student free for the summer, so I decided to go for it. Throughout the summer I learned a few tricks that are super helpful for training new puppies. I’ve used a lot of these when my friends adopt new dogs or I am asked to dog-sit. Here’s what to know if you’re getting a puppy for the first time.

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